Documenting File/Folder Sharing?

By viProCon ·
Hi all,
A new client of mine has a Win2003 Standard server and are using it in a workgroup setting. I'd like to document each shared folders' sharing and security info fully detailed documentation so I'd basically list the share name, then what users/groups have permissions to it via the Sharing tab, and then the same for the Security tab.
Does anyone know of a [free] tool that might do this automatically? Or would there be a handy document template out there? I can always create something in Word or Excel myself but wondered if somebody had beaten me to it.

Thank you!

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I had seen

by tmalo627 In reply to Documenting File/Folder S ...

a demo for something like this in a domain setting... don't know if it would work in a workgroup environment. I'll see if I can find it again...

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Thanks tmalo627..

by viProCon In reply to I had seen

If you have any luck finding it that's be great, if not no biggie. I think I had once gotten one of those whitepapers sent to me by TR or Network World or something and it was some kind of Enterprise-level tool that does what I describe, plus it would allow you to test changes and view their effects before it actually implements them. I wonder if that's what you meant? I ca't remember the name though or who made it.

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These will do the job

by Nimmo In reply to Documenting File/Folder S ...

ShareEnum v1.6

AccessChk v4.23

Mind you it's goning to be a pain since you are in a workgroup and not in a domain environment.

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by viProCon In reply to These will do the job

I"ll check them out. This client has a pretty touchy setup so I'll have to evaluate whether to convert to a domain or not but these tools could be handy for some of my other clients though. Thanks very much!

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by Nimmo In reply to Thanks!

If you are going to move this setup to a domain which is the best thing to do in my opinion take a look at this application

User profile wizard

It allows you to keep the current user profile and port it across to a new domain.

I have used it on a client site and it works great, downside is that you need to run it on every PC in the network but the upside is that users won't see any difference in their profile.

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by viProCon In reply to Domain

Hey, I will check that tool out thank you you've been a big help. Sounds like it'll be very handy and I'm anxious to test it.

By the way and FWIW, I found a reference to that other Enterprise-level tool thingy I had mentioned, it's called DATADVANTAGE (in caps) from Varonis, info at:

This tool is probably expensive and beyond my needs but since I had mentioned it to you I figured I'd try to find a link or something for info purposes.

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