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    Documents History


    by sahilshaa ·

    hi all;

    i am using windows 2000 professional after restarting computer the documents history is remove and does not show any word,excel file in start->program->documents. whats the reason of this problem does any body have a solutions of this problem.
    thank you

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      Reply To: Documents History

      by master3bs ·

      In reply to Documents History

      Open your registry with regedit.

      Navigate to these two locations:


      Look for a dword called ClearRecentDocsOnExit and if it is in either place then change it’s value to 0.

      Now (in the same place) see if there is a DWORD called NoRecentDocsHistory. If so, change its value to 0.

      Finally in the same area look for a DWORD called NoRecentDocsMenu. Change its value to 0 as well if it is there.


      Hope that helps!

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