Documents saving as Temp files in Vista using Redirected Folders.

By tmpoulette ·
I asked this question a couple of weeks ago, but want to add more information to it and thought perhaps a new line might be best. I have a Windows 2000 Server, and mostly XP and Vista workstations. I use the Home Folder feature to map a drive to students so that they may access files and folders that teachers need for them to use. I use Group Polciy to Redirect their My Documents. This works great with XP systems. With Vista, files are trying to save in the correct location, but they save as temp files and then are corrupt. If a save a Word file in XP, then go to a Vista machine and open it, it opens fine, but when I resave, it saves it as a temp file with a weird name. If I save a Word fild using a Vista computer, it may or may not show up using a different Vista or XP machine, and always is named a temp file.

I think that the Sync feature might be some of the culprit as the computer shows numerous errors when going into the Sync tool. And I know that Vista saves in Documents instead of My Documents, but it appears to be trying to save in the correct location.

Any ideas would be apprectiated.


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