.DOCX cannot be opened

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Our facility uses Office 2003 with a couple of 07 installations for

testing. We occasionally receive Word 07 documents in .docx format

which we cannot open using either 03 or 07. Error message is:
"The Office Open XML file *.docx cannot be opened because there are

problems with the contents." Pressing the Details button reveals:
"Microsoft Office cannot open this file because the .zip archive file

is an unsupported version."
(The documents have not been sent in zipped format as far as I can

Attempting to have Word 07 repair the document fails. Trying web-found

suggestions regarding selecting the document and choosing Open and

Repair or Recover Text From Any File fail also.

Thanks for any assistance.

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If you suspect a document is corrupt

by henrylloyd In reply to .DOCX cannot be opened

You can still open the document, these steps represent the "tried and true" first line of trying to recover the document:
Open the corrupt document.
Create a brand new document.
Switch to the corrupt document.
Press Ctrl A. This selects the entire document.
Hold down the Shift key as you press the Left Arrow key. This makes sure that the very last character in the document (the ending paragraph mark) is not selected.
Press Ctrl C. This copies the selected portion of the document to the Clipboard.
Switch to the new document (the one created in step 2).
Press Ctrl V. The contents of the Clipboard are pasted into the blank document.
Save the new document.
Close the document you suspect is corrupted.

More useful resources, see below DOCX Open File Tool

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