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Does 360 degree feedback really help?

By Implementor ·
360 degree feedback is now increasingly being used for performance appraisal. How effective is this approach? Are there any good web-based tools available that can automate this task?

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We have Beta version

by ukothari In reply to Does 360 degree feedback ...


We are India based Product & services company. We are currently developing performance evaluation application that is totally web based. We have started using it internally for our organization and doing some market surveys. If you are interested we can send you Evaluation copy in next month or so. Please let us know.

Thanks & regards...


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response on 360 evaluation

by amysensei In reply to We have Beta version

there is a web site that does address 360 evaluations. I am interested in what results you see from administering it internallly as well as what kind of market survey you are conducting outside for data. once you get that information, how you handle, what difference, or how were changes implemented.

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Can you tell me the site?

by Implementor In reply to response on 360 evaluatio ...

Can you tell me which site...

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Should a 360 be part of PA?

by Bob Gately In reply to Does 360 degree feedback ...

360's are usually used to help employees improve their job performance. In other words, it helps layout a plan for improvement. IMO it should not be part of the PA process.

If you'd like to read the 70 question we use in our 360 assessment just visit this web site "" Note that this address does not have "www." at the beginning.

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