Does 802.11 support IPv6?

By Mehul Bhai ·
Does 802.11 support IPv6? or I have to use another Wi-Fi Protocol?
By the way I am wanting to change my home ADSL modem/router/gateway so it can be compatible with the upcoming complete switch to IPv6.

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802.1n draft should handle IPv6,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Does 802.11 support IPv6?

and it might be supported on 802.11g. I think you may need some sort of handover
for highspeed changing of assigned addresses though, there was a proposal about
that some years back. I'm not well versed in this at all, so don't take my answer as
a definitive "yes", as I'm not an authority on WiFi. Here' a link to an older IETF
article that may help...
and a bit more detailed information here...


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802.11 is a mac-layer protocol

by robo_dev In reply to Does 802.11 support IPv6?

WiFi devices that are not routers act as mac-layer bridges, so any IP version or any network layer protocol will work just fine over any 802.11 technology.

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