Does a 2nd HDD have to have an OS to run programs?

By Sandsourdough ·
If I install a second hard drive & want to install programs on it, does the 2nd HDD need to have an OS installed on it? Is there a special way to set something like this up?

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No, it only needs to be partitioned and formatted with a file system

by ManiacMan In reply to Does a 2nd HDD have to ha ...

Your OS will see the second disk so long as the second disk is formatted and has a file system on it. You will be able to assign a drive letter to it and install applications on it. The OS will store any pointers and paths to the second drive upon installation of your applications.

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by robo_dev In reply to Does a 2nd HDD have to ha ...

As long as the secondary hard drive is visible to whatever OS booted the PC, then programs will run just fine on it. Storage is storage.

Note that many Windows programs will not be able to run independently of the drive where the OS is installed, since they install DLLs to the Windows folders and write to the other words, if you installed a bunch of Windows apps to a secondary drive and then pop it into a different machine, many of the applications will no longer work. But as long as the secondary drive stays 'married' to the primary drive, all the apps will be happy.

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