Does a blu-ray reader perform better at recovering faulty CD-R / DVD-R's?

By zrx81 ·
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I have some old, partially unreadable CR-R's and DVD-R's. I tried many CD and DVD drives using recovery tools like isopuzzle and so on, but unfortunately there are still missing sectors mostly at the end of the volume. Back in the days I verified all of them after burning, but I didn't foresee the aging of the discs. My question: would it worth trying a BD-reader for CD-R/DVD-R recovery purposes? I mean, as BD has a much higher data density, perhaps these drives perform a higher oversampling at reading legacy formats, thus rising the probability of a successful error correction. I may be wrong. I'd be mostly interested in real hands on experiences. Thanks in advance.
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Before purchasing BD-Reader, try DIY data recovery software

by abby1991 In reply to Does a blu-ray reader per ...

BD-Reader is worth buying or not is solely depends on the value of the data stored on a faulty drive. If the data is important which you cannot afford to lose and there is no option left apart from BD-Reader then you should definitely go for that. However, before purchasing any BD-Reader I will recommend you to try a DIY data recovery software that can recover data from that faulty CD or DVD or any other optical disk drive.

There are many DIY data recovery software options easily available however I will suggest you to try Stellar Data Recovery Free Software. You can download the free version of the software from their website & then run a scan on your faulty disk drive. If the software shows you the desired result then only purchase the software to recover your data.

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