Does a macbook air or a HP pavilion dv6 have the fastest restore?

By Techno002 ·
I just wanna know with laptop has the fastest reboot from sleep. If possible please tell em how many seconds it takes.

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I would not expect to find the answer to that here

by robo_dev In reply to Does a macbook air or a H ...

First of all, who would have both of those machines?

Of course there are several different models of MacBook Air laptops, so the i5 model would be slower than the i7.

The DV6 is a cheap $500 machine with a lowly i3 processor, so that's like comparing a Chevy Malibu to a BMW M3. Not exactly a fair fight. The HP Slate or EliteBook are more comparable.

Also, there is 'deep sleep' versus regular sleep, and on the Windows side, there's Standby versus Hibernation.

Also, there will be differences if the HP has a SSD, which is standard in the Mac. A SSD will obviusly take less time to spin-up :)

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Thans robo_dev

by Techno002 In reply to Does a macbook air or a H ...

thanx for answering my questions

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i think macbook

by techno0001 In reply to Does a macbook air or a H ...

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