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Does a network admin need a laptop

By williama ·

iam new here. i have just started at a new company as there Network Admin, i would just like to know does a network admin need a laptop and why? my boss wants me to motivate and i cant think of anything

Help me out please

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by Choppit In reply to Does a network admin need ...

No, a network admin does not NEED a laptop, but it has its advantages. Who (or what) does your boss want you to motivate?

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by jbaker In reply to Laptop

I think his boss wants him to get motivated...

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If not a laptop...

by vince In reply to Motivate

then maybe some kind of small computer that you can perhaps carry around in a packsack equipped with it's own display using a technology other than CRT, perhaps LCD, you'll also need a keyboard and a mouse. Really though, tell him you need a laptop because diagnosis sometimes needs to be done on machines that are not in production in order to ensure that your test results are not corrupt by whatever may be ailing your network or nodes. You may need to plug in at different areas of the network and can't be kicking people off their pcs during work hours to do so.

Then again, if you can't justify the need for a laptop then you're not really sure what to do with it anyways so i'm with your boss on this one, no soup for you.

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They are very, very handy.

by lwebb In reply to Does a network admin need ...

No, you don't NEED one.

If that is, you can't borrow the "IT loaner".

Laptops are very handy for remote troubleshooting of networks, switches, routers accessing IT data on the go, and Terminal Services.

You NEED some device that will do Terminal Services and basic networking troubleshooting for on-the-go purposes.

A PocketPC with the appropriate attachments will do this.

Examples of why you NEED a PocketPC(at the least) or a Laptop:

Walking down the hall, Annoying J. Luser asks for a replacement keyboard to replace the one he spilled Rockstar on...
Good IT service: Whip out the PocketPC or Laptop and enter a Service Request immediately
Bad IT service: "Sure thing Annoying, send me an email though, or I'll forget."

"My Outlook is not working" (Luserspeak for no network address)
With a laptop you can easily (and lazily) check for connectivity issues if you just happen to be there anyway.

You need to connect a PC directly to a switch in a remote office for testing.

You need to add a user/change permissions/switch a user's group/add email etc etc.
Yes, I'd rather do it at my desk. But I forget crap on the way there and the Luser is impressed when you whip out the PocketPC and do it "On the Fly".

Don't underestimate the power of impressing/ingratiating yourself with the average luser. Most IT pros have shitty people skills and this hampers things like raises and promotions.
You can be as introverted and weird as you want as long as everyone thinks of you as a Digital Deity.

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I agree, I guess...

by jdclyde In reply to They are very, very handy ...

Do you do support outside of your office? If your answer is "yes" you should have a laptop available to you.

Many places will have one that can be checked out by the department as needed.

This is not something that people should get because they have a big ego.

Now is this you wanting to jerk off your own ego and get a new toy or your boss thinking you need this tool?

Please clerify.

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Why not

by robertkross In reply to Does a network admin need ...

the only reason I could see for not having some sort of "PORTABLE" computer is if the size of the site you are working at is under 100000 sq feet and you can quickly get back to your desk to take care of problems.

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Here's why you don't need one

by The ole coon In reply to Why not

You can't justify it...

A laptop is just a portable PC, and you haven't targeted or identified any benefit that would result from the company acquiring you a laptop at 300% the cost of a desktop with similiar speed, memory, and performance.

Why might someone need a laptop?

They support multiple physical sites and travel more than 25% of the time to remote locations.

They want to watch DVD's on the airplane going to support sales conferences at remote and exotic locations :)

Good luck.

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Mobility & Convenience...

by TekyWanabe In reply to Here's why you don't need ...

Mobility & Convenience...essentially!
Nothing beats having one you can move around at short notice to help with diagnosing and resolving a problem at any location.
You get to work on issues while on the move too...e-mail, reports, etc

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The Big Question

by CasperCV In reply to Mobility & Convenience...

It all depends on who pay for the Laptop.
If the firm buy it, then you can't work without one.
If you must pay, well who need a laptop?

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why not?

by Brazen1 In reply to Does a network admin need ...

Tell your boss to motivate why would you not need a laptop. j/k

If your company does business during more hours than you work (more than 8 hours a day), then you definately need a laptop and a cell phone.

I often get calls at home or when I'm on the road. All I do is plug my phone into my laptop and dial-in to our network and I can fix anything just like I'm at my desk.

I also use it to troubleshoot connectivity problems so I have a computer I can plug in that I KNOW has good hardware and correct settings.

Thirdly, sometimes when working at a remote location, I might want to check or change something on the server and I have all the tools to do that on my laptop.

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