Does a Windows Shared Folder Permission Management software exist?

By bavesh ·
I currently have a server with over 400 users sharing over 1600 folders and 40000 files on a file server.
I have permissions everywhere on the folders by department by group by user etc.
I wanted to know if there is a Software that can help me manage all these folders and files permission so that from the software i can drill down on one user on which folders he has permission or for a folder who has permission something like that.
If such a solution exists on windows 2000/2003 please do let me know else i will have to sit down and design such a system because when i have to revoke a user's folder permission thats a huge job to locate which folder the user has rights.
If anyone is willing to help me on that i would be grateful.

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Data Advantage from Varonis Systems

by ben In reply to Does a Windows Shared Fol ...

(disclaimer: I work for Varonis Systems.)

Our software solution is not inline and non-intrusive. After a short installation, you will see:

1. All existing permissions to your file server data.
2. A detailed audit of who did what, when, with a file
3. Recommendations on removing unwarranted permissions

If any of the below tasks pose a challenge, you will be extremely impressed with our solution:

1. Removing the ?Everyone? inheritance permissions from the file system without breaking a business process
2. Generating a detailed audit of all ?sensitive folder? access for a given time period
3. Generating a detailed audit of a user?s data access activity for a given time period
4. Identifying data business owners.

You can contact us at or myself at


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I have the same problem

by nbriones In reply to Does a Windows Shared Fol ...

I could only find some software to do what you want, but i have the same problem. The software gives you all kind of reports (ADmanager is very good doing that) but nothing to actually manage all the permissions. A classic problem for example, is that you can use inheritance from the root to anywhere, but not in the opposite direction.

For example, i would like to give permission to someone in a sub-folder, but he needs access to all the parents to be able to reach that sub-folder, so you need to start assigning individual permissions to each parent folder until the root folder.

If anyone knows about any kind of software, please write to me at nbriones (at) gmail (dot) com.

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