Does any non professional Pre-W8 comp user truly GET IT re: W8, W8.1?

By Omnigusted ·
Reason for my question: I was over at a Microsoft page, bewailing my stupidity about not reading specs on the box containing a *&^^*_() new computer I had to buy. The thing was bought pre-loaded with W8.1 and YES it is entirely my fault for not asking the person who gave me the ride to Big Box WM to hold on a moment so that I could DO that. Driver was dithering about something and would NOT shut up so in order to placate him I did not read the thing.
One poster at Microsoft (although I am not sure about that since a replier said the discussion site was WINDOWS, wups, I thought that was the Topic, Y/N? Dunno) sent me a list of links to recommended reading Re: W8. Something I wonder about the W8 advisories is whether they are usable on W8.1.
I looked at W8 info and have no understanding of most of it, beginning with Jabberwocky-esque terms.
Already do not understand most of 8.1 but I guess that is clear already. Darn, since I understand that 8/8.1 was created for developers (nope, not I), website creators (also not I) and possibly other high-tech Techs. Vehemently not I.
Imagine there is a Windows 8.1 for Dummies but really am not sure, since dummies do not seem to be present much among Developers, etc.
Should be a book "Windows 8.1 for Absolute CompDunces," since that is certainly what I feel like when I try to get around in the thing. Cripes I really am not sure that I can find How to Update what needs Updating, How to Get Drivers for something, even though I am not really convinced I could define "Driver."
Look: I have, for instance, tried to convince my comp to clear history at shutdown. Does it do that? No. I must, therefore, be doing something incorrectly. Cannot even clear History? The directions for that seemed (key word there) fairly straight-forward and I thought I followed them properly. Guess not, huh? Gad.
And that is supposed to be a simple function, right? Maybe before 8, 8.1 shoved into my life, I might have done it right.
For those who like the new things, Mazel Tov. For myself, I will be finding a way to return to the W7 that I could, at least, understand. I did not like it, true, when it was mandated that users of WXP must move out of there and into W7.
But: The setters-up of W7 seemed to Get It that not nearly every last term, function, facet need be name-changed, relocated, and so on.
Was making 8/8.1 so murky and seeming unnavigable really necessary? I do not understand why.

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