Does anybody has tried Windows8 in a 512MB RAM notebook Sony-CentrinoDuo?

By Benny7440 ·
I d/l the iso file but, after reading the preferred system requirements for this os I've been halted. Still, I keep it in the hd because of the potential of been able to test it in another machine. I've not burnt it yet since I don't have a dvd burner...

Since I don't have the possibility of burning it into a dvd & I'm running Puppy Linux 528, if I wanted to give it a try in this very machine, how can I proceed under the circumstances?

Thanks to any that has the knowhow as to what to do next & post it below!

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Not sure that I understand your question/s

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does anybody has tried Wi ...

As for using it with only 512 MEG of RAM No I haven't tried it that way but the worst that could happen is that 8 refuses to load, it's more likely to just be slow however.

As for burning a DVD when you don't have a Burner you could always coup it to a USB Thumb Drive and Boot off that if that is what you are asking here provided the Hardware supports that option of course.


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Reponse To Answer

by Benny7440 In reply to Not sure that I understan ...

I've 3 partitions in the hd: 1st has data & the W8 os iso; 2nd has my PL528 os & much more data; 3rd has another kind of data. The bootable partition is the 2nd one.

For me to try it I think I should install it at 1st part & make that part bootable, isn't it? What're the perils of this procedure to change/injure parts #2 & #3? Or worst, the whole disk parts arrangement?

Thanks for responding, OH Smeg!

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not sure that I understan ...

Win 8 and Dual Booting are not an easy option. Mainly because 8 was never intended to be Dual Booted with anything and tends to overwrite the Boot Loader with just itself. You may benefit from reading the M$ stuff here .com/Forums/en-US/windowsdeveloperpreviewgeneral/thread/4d8c3257-35e7-47a7-9d9c-3bccdafbc354

Just remember to remove the space from between microsoft and the .com to get a working URL.


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I wouldn't

by andrew232006 In reply to Does anybody has tried Wi ...

The minimum requirements for win8 consumer preview is 1GB of ram. If windows lets you install it or you somehow work around microsoft's restrictions the OS would be unusably slow.

If you do install it, assuming you have a compatible partition(NTFS I assume), it likely won't affect your data unless you choose to change/format the partitions during the install. But if it is like every other win OS it will overwrite your boot loader. Then you'll have to reinstall the linux bootloader to get back into that OS.

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Reponse To Answer

by Benny7440 In reply to I wouldn't

Thanks to both of you for responding, Oh Smeg & andrew232006!

I visited the link supplied above & I'm still reading it & its' own links. Very interesting & useful!

If I give W8 a try this weekend or later I'll post below the outcome of it...

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