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Does anybody know...

By Tig2 ·
how to force NT to support USB? Partner has a laptop that he needs to get data off of- NT SP6. Stink pad and has a USB port but last I checked, NT doesn't support USB.

Anyone have any ideas???

Thanks in advance.

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Check the Manufacturer web site...

by faradhi In reply to Does anybody know...

to see if they have software for NT.

Assuming you have already done this, I think BSquare ( sells some software to make NT see USB Devices. I have not tried the software so I cannot speak to its effectiveness.

I hope this helps.

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Many manufacturers of USB devices

by JamesRL In reply to Does anybody know...

created special drivers for their devices on NT.

Try their websites.


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An alternative solution

by mjwx In reply to Does anybody know...

If all you need to do is get data onto a USB drive, you might want to try a Linux live CD to access the data and transfer it.

But still check the manufactures website first, Most USB drives I have got have had 98 and NT 4 drivers on a CD with the drive (My Ipod being the only exception).

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