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Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia believes Symantec should spend more time improving Norton AntiVirus (NAV) and less time spinning recent media coverage of NAV flaws. Symantec's customers complain to Kotadia that NAV sucks up system resources and doesn't clean their computers thoroughly.

Read Kotadia's remarks and then give your opinion.

Are you a satisfied Norton AntiVirus customer?

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good and bad

by Dwiebles In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

The good of it is, after having used it in both home and enterprise environments, I can say that it keeps us clean of viruses. Easily deployable in the enterprise (though I realize most AV software now a days is), and fine on a machine with low activity. The bad side, when it drains a significant amount of processor time with it's realtime virus protection. On IIS servers and SQL servers, I have ommitted so many files to keep it running smooth, I sometimes wonder why I have it installed at all. It should be noted, that for home use, though I have used Norton in the past, I now use AVG, and have NO complaints this far.



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Have had good luck so far

by jdclyde In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

The first AV program we had was McAffee. This would lock systems up, freeze during bootup and many other issues.

Now use Corporate Edition by Symantec.

The AV does have about a 20 meg foot print so this isn't for people that under power the tools they give their users.

Corporate is server based so I get a notice when there are issues with systems. No AV software can catch everything but this does give me a heads up before the issue can spread.

It is now even starting to address spyware (finally).

This is layered as I also have Kaspersky running on the firewall. What one doesn't catch the other hopefully will.

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Yes and No -- but whats really better out there?

by Garion11 In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

They all seem to get corrupted by the very things that they claim to defend against, lol. Although the recent NAV (as opossed to McAfee) is much improved and stable.

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Have you tried Kaspersky labs Personal?

by davmax In reply to Yes and No -- but whats r ...

I have been recommending Kaspersky for many years after it was discovered that Norton actually let viruses pass. Today Norton Anti virus has greatly improved. However an analysis and testing by PC Authority revealed that Kaspserky was the only product that was 100% effective. Norton Av Pro 2004 was 97.5% and it was stated in the report that only a few Trojans and Backdoors were not picked up. ONLY ! Some of these can be bad news.
Kaspersky Products are widely used on the European continent and likely to not be well known in the US. Take a look at
and even download a trial copy. Only beware the Norton Antivirus can only be removed with a special utility. It must be removed with this tool.

And AVG 7.0 is free but the PC Authority test rated it at 77.5% effective against viruses.

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by Bob In reply to Yes and No -- but whats r ... The best there is, and priced right -- Free. I've used it for years now, and have never had a virus. It is the only virus protection I use on our Production servers which host over 500 customer web sites. I'm a sys admin at an ISP.

Norton always seems to mess up the email sending and receiving when they make major updates. Our tech support gets flooded with questions every time Norton makes a major update (like earlier this week)

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Well then

by willistanner In reply to Yes and No -- but whats r ...

You are just lucky. Norton ranks very low on my list of AV programs.

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NAV at home and small office

by house In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

The norton antivirus is a resource hog. In a corporate setting, you should use a server and client type setup. A lot of people use McAfee for the sake of the liscence fee.

I feel that NAV pro is the best AV available. You have to understand though that you "yourself" is the best antivirus. I do remember having the Welshia (is that how you spell it?) virus with the proper definition, and Norton failing to recognize and block it. I had to use Symantec's removal tool and then rip the power cord out of the back of my computer (memory resident worm).

Everyone (IT) needs to be informed on the latest threats and how they work. Use the Trend Micro world map to identify the more popular threats in your area.

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by Black Panther In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

I actually ran it for 2 years on my home PC - recommended it to friends ( ie the Internet Security package ) as it was a one stop shop and relatively easy to use for the less experienced user.

I found though that it was 'very resource hungry' and the support in Australia - according to my friends was limited and expensive.

I am actually trialing AVG Free - Free updates, Sygate Personal Firewall and Spydoctor instead of the NAV Package.

I so far have no where near the resource usage i used to have and find my computer is running a lot faster.

time will tell

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Vet and TrendMicro

by jardinier In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

I have NEVER been infected by a virus since installing Vet AV (a branch of Computer Associates) on the many computers I have used myself, and on refurbished computers which I have sold.

Currently I am using TrendMicro Security Suite on my workhorse computer and find that very satisfactory.

I often encounter people who have found that a virus slipped through NAV.

I dislike Symantec products on principle, because they split up into various separate (and relatively expensive ) products which could all be included on a single CD.

TrendMicro Security Suite is an example of an AV which includes Firewall and scans incoming and outgoing emails.

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Wouldn't Think of Using anything Else

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Does anybody like Norton ...

The most terrifyng words to me are "State of the Art" Norton is far beyond State of the art.
So far, Norton's expertise has not been matched by anybody else in the bussiness. Oh, others try, but they don't even come close. For the amount of CPU time that it takes up, it's well worth it to be protected the way Norton does it.
When Microsoft, started the DOS bussiness, Norton was right there along with tme with thier own version. Every step of the Way, Norton has not only kept up but actually beat Microsoft at protecting their own System. The same cannot be said of many of the firms out there new. There will always be "A new kid on the block" as for me, give me the tried and true. There is only one product out there tha meets that criteria, Norton.So I'll stick with the Best and forget the rest. So far, I haven't gone wrong.
Thank you for your attention.
Aaron A Baker

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