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    Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?


    by Bill Detwiler ·

    ZDNet Australia’s Munir Kotadia believes Symantec should spend more time improving Norton AntiVirus (NAV) and less time spinning recent media coverage of NAV flaws. Symantec’s customers complain to Kotadia that NAV sucks up system resources and doesn’t clean their computers thoroughly.

    Read Kotadia’s remarks and then give your opinion.

    Are you a satisfied Norton AntiVirus customer?

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      good and bad

      by dwiebles ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      The good of it is, after having used it in both home and enterprise environments, I can say that it keeps us clean of viruses. Easily deployable in the enterprise (though I realize most AV software now a days is), and fine on a machine with low activity. The bad side, when it drains a significant amount of processor time with it’s realtime virus protection. On IIS servers and SQL servers, I have ommitted so many files to keep it running smooth, I sometimes wonder why I have it installed at all. It should be noted, that for home use, though I have used Norton in the past, I now use AVG, and have NO complaints this far.



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      Have had good luck so far

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      The first AV program we had was McAffee. This would lock systems up, freeze during bootup and many other issues.

      Now use Corporate Edition by Symantec.

      The AV does have about a 20 meg foot print so this isn’t for people that under power the tools they give their users.

      Corporate is server based so I get a notice when there are issues with systems. No AV software can catch everything but this does give me a heads up before the issue can spread.

      It is now even starting to address spyware (finally).

      This is layered as I also have Kaspersky running on the firewall. What one doesn’t catch the other hopefully will.

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      Yes and No — but whats really better out there?

      by garion11 ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      They all seem to get corrupted by the very things that they claim to defend against, lol. Although the recent NAV (as opossed to McAfee) is much improved and stable.

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        Have you tried Kaspersky labs Personal?

        by davmax ·

        In reply to Yes and No — but whats really better out there?

        I have been recommending Kaspersky for many years after it was discovered that Norton actually let viruses pass. Today Norton Anti virus has greatly improved. However an analysis and testing by PC Authority revealed that Kaspserky was the only product that was 100% effective. Norton Av Pro 2004 was 97.5% and it was stated in the report that only a few Trojans and Backdoors were not picked up. ONLY ! Some of these can be bad news.
        Kaspersky Products are widely used on the European continent and likely to not be well known in the US. Take a look at
        and even download a trial copy. Only beware the Norton Antivirus can only be removed with a special utility. It must be removed with this tool.

        And AVG 7.0 is free but the PC Authority test rated it at 77.5% effective against viruses.

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        by bob ·

        In reply to Yes and No — but whats really better out there? The best there is, and priced right — Free. I’ve used it for years now, and have never had a virus. It is the only virus protection I use on our Production servers which host over 500 customer web sites. I’m a sys admin at an ISP.

        Norton always seems to mess up the email sending and receiving when they make major updates. Our tech support gets flooded with questions every time Norton makes a major update (like earlier this week)

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        Well then

        by willistanner ·

        In reply to Yes and No — but whats really better out there?

        You are just lucky. Norton ranks very low on my list of AV programs.

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      NAV at home and small office

      by house ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      The norton antivirus is a resource hog. In a corporate setting, you should use a server and client type setup. A lot of people use McAfee for the sake of the liscence fee.

      I feel that NAV pro is the best AV available. You have to understand though that you “yourself” is the best antivirus. I do remember having the Welshia (is that how you spell it?) virus with the proper definition, and Norton failing to recognize and block it. I had to use Symantec’s removal tool and then rip the power cord out of the back of my computer (memory resident worm).

      Everyone (IT) needs to be informed on the latest threats and how they work. Use the Trend Micro world map to identify the more popular threats in your area.

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      by black panther ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      I actually ran it for 2 years on my home PC – recommended it to friends ( ie the Internet Security package ) as it was a one stop shop and relatively easy to use for the less experienced user.

      I found though that it was ‘very resource hungry’ and the support in Australia – according to my friends was limited and expensive.

      I am actually trialing AVG Free – Free updates, Sygate Personal Firewall and Spydoctor instead of the NAV Package.

      I so far have no where near the resource usage i used to have and find my computer is running a lot faster.

      time will tell

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      Vet and TrendMicro

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      I have NEVER been infected by a virus since installing Vet AV (a branch of Computer Associates) on the many computers I have used myself, and on refurbished computers which I have sold.

      Currently I am using TrendMicro Security Suite on my workhorse computer and find that very satisfactory.

      I often encounter people who have found that a virus slipped through NAV.

      I dislike Symantec products on principle, because they split up into various separate (and relatively expensive ) products which could all be included on a single CD.

      TrendMicro Security Suite is an example of an AV which includes Firewall and scans incoming and outgoing emails.

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      Wouldn’t Think of Using anything Else

      by aaron a baker ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      The most terrifyng words to me are “State of the Art” Norton is far beyond State of the art.
      So far, Norton’s expertise has not been matched by anybody else in the bussiness. Oh, others try, but they don’t even come close. For the amount of CPU time that it takes up, it’s well worth it to be protected the way Norton does it.
      When Microsoft, started the DOS bussiness, Norton was right there along with tme with thier own version. Every step of the Way, Norton has not only kept up but actually beat Microsoft at protecting their own System. The same cannot be said of many of the firms out there new. There will always be “A new kid on the block” as for me, give me the tried and true. There is only one product out there tha meets that criteria, Norton.So I’ll stick with the Best and forget the rest. So far, I haven’t gone wrong.
      Thank you for your attention.
      Aaron A Baker

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        If you have’nt tried how can you know?

        by davmax ·

        In reply to Wouldn’t Think of Using anything Else

        Aaron, there enough people who recognise that Norton AV is not perfect. In fact it does hog CPU resources more than most. Field experience of others and a recent testing by PC Authority found that Norton AV Pro 2004 was only 97.6% effective letting some Trojans and Backdoors pass. The same testing group found that the only one package was 100% effective i.e. Kaspersky Labs Personal AV and it does not hog resources. Additionally the cost of ownership and support is better.The product is Windows certified being able to fully integrated into Windows XP SP2 Security Centre.
        Take a look at

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          I Have tried Thanks anyway

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to If you have’nt tried how can you know?

          That’s exactly my point. I have indeed tried others. Although I confess I didn’t try out Kaspersky, I have used MacFee and various other forms of so-called anti-virus prgs.My God there are so many and all “claim to be the best”. I have found most of them sadly wanting in many key areas. What peolple seem to forget is that Norton is not deisgned as a Tojan, Advert tracker or Spy Blocker. It’s primary function is to detect Viruses. This is it’s priority and I think it does this extremely well. It would indeed be nice if Symantec were to incorporate an all-inclusive system that takes care of Viruses,Trojans and all the other various methods of computer entry however, as my primary concern is viral infection, I have found Norton to be the best at this particular area,”At least for my needs”.
          So I use what I consider the best combination. “Norton” for the Viruses, “Ad Aware SE” for the Adverts and “Spy Bot 1.3” for the Trojans.
          Each does it’s job very well and doesn’t interfere with either each other or the function of my Computer.
          This is perhaps not the greatest solution in some people’s eyes but it works very well for me.I have indeed tried many Programs and combinations on programs and have found through trial and error or as it’s more commonly known in the biz as “CRASH & BURN” that the KISS [Keep it Simply Simple] is still the best method. I would add that I am not the type that jumps up, runs out and tries out every new program that comes along, I wait to see it has proven itself, as Norton has. Then I make the decision. so far, I haven’t found anything to match, let alone beat the aforementioned combination, but I thank you for the info on “Kaspersky”, I shall certainly look them up. As for MacFee and the others. well, I won’t go there.
          Thanks again
          Aaron A Baker

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          If you are going to lookup Kaspersky, you might want to check out this…

          by digitalfrog ·

          In reply to I Have tried Thanks anyway

          from their own website:

          A lot of the AVs that tout faster reaction times also seem to have more of a problem with false positives.

          I also have used Symantec products for years with few difficulties, most have which have turned out to be configuration errors.

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      Reply To: Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      by cdplayer ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      Quite frankly I think that all of the antivirus software companies should get their act together. It is a shame that one must run more than one of these packages since none of their virus definitions are the same. Now the US-CERT proposes common virus naming scheme. HA! I like to see how far that flies!

      If there is no competition between the big boys how will they make money?

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        Running more than one AV

        by davmax ·

        In reply to Reply To: Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

        Did I read you correctly? Surely you do not run two AV packages together. This approach can produce tragic problems.

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          2 AVs would tear each other up

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Running more than one AV

          Yes, that would be an ugly situation.

          I have had to “fix” a computer that the users had TRIED to have two AV packages on at the same time. By the end of the day, the system would boot. If wasn’t for the fact that they didn’t have a backup of their data I would have gone the format route.

        • #3316160

          On the same box…yes…but.

          by mr l ·

          In reply to 2 AVs would tear each other up

          If we are talking about home use, yes, there is an issue…maybe. If we are talking about business use…well…defense in depth, gang.

          We use Trend at the mailserver/gateway level and NAV on the desktop. Between the two we do a more than respectable job of keeping our users safe.

        • #3298014

          Forgive my ignorance…

          by aceskaraoke ·

          In reply to 2 AVs would tear each other up

          Why can you not run two AV products on the same box?

        • #3301726

          You could

          by house ·

          In reply to Forgive my ignorance…

          Just don’t enable any intelligent scanning or auto-protect features.

    • #3315520

      Nobody stays on top forever

      by jpolicke ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      What I see with Symantec is typical of institutions (from Microsoft to the US auto industry)that have been dominant for too long: after a while they get complacent, lazy, sloppy and arrogant.
      There is no excuse for an outfit with Symantec’s resources to score less than 100% in a test – especially when a tiny company like Grisoft can.
      Symantec Client Security 9 is the worst version of the product I’ve seen yet. It’s a nightmare to install over XP SP2, and once in refuses to interface with MS’ Security Center. Its adware/malware detection ability is a joke. The firewall is equally flawed; why, for example, can one only block an intruder for a maximum of 48 hours? Do they think that I’ll have a change of heart about some hacker punk in Russia and want to give him another chance?
      Just as Outlook’s dominance has caused it to become the delivery vehicle of choice, it’s not surprising that viruses are being engineered to disable NAV/SAV.
      Symantec/Norton used to have a great product, they might even have been the best. Apparently now they’d rather pay PR hacks to issue denials than improve their product, and coast along on name recognition and market dominance. After all, Microsoft gets away with it. What they don’t seem to realize is that their product is infinitely more replaceable than Windows.

      • #3315416

        All have problems. Kaspersky looks good currently

        by davmax ·

        In reply to Nobody stays on top forever

        I have sent you a bit of my research. It includes what others are saying about Norton, Kaspersky and AVG.

        • #3315141

          Share the wealth

          by house ·

          In reply to All have problems. Kaspersky looks good currently

          Hey, share the wealth (info) if you please. I am interested as well in your research if you are so inclined.

          Thank you

          ps-please don’t exploit my email, it is a professional address.

        • #3315082

          How would you like info?

          by davmax ·

          In reply to Share the wealth

          My research info is a bit large to paste here.

          Do you have a private e-mail?

        • #3314275


          by house ·

          In reply to How would you like info?


        • #3328099

          Yah! this is true tht Norton has problems

          by gsmokha ·

          In reply to All have problems. Kaspersky looks good currently

          This is true tht Norton Products has problems…. I recently bought Norton Internet Security 2005 but in vain. I installed it but after Live Update…. sometimes something doesn’t Installs, thn it says tht pls Uninstall and thn install the product and I did the same but same problem again. I think its waste of money to buy it. Its only name NORTON nothing else!

          Don’t go for Norton… Rather go for Panda Antivirus! CHeers!


        • #2654183

          Except for…

          by digitalfrog ·

          In reply to All have problems. Kaspersky looks good currently

          when they declare Internet Exporer a virus (ironic, but not technically true)

          from their own website:

    • #3314416

      far from satisfied!

      by husp1 ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      what a cpu hog! norton should pay me for the time I spend uninstalling it and removing the crap that it misses!! hunk-o-junk, be interested in the kaspersky tho… have to check it out!(you should see the home user systems that I have dealt with in the past 2 months.) been giving away copys of AVG to replace that bunch o crap.

    • #3315874

      an inequation

      by ou_peter ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      server =\ money

    • #3315857

      Horrible Experienc e with NAV & Norton Products

      by tandrwstim ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      had a worst-time experience with NAV, true it does not fully clean your computer, was infected with virulent adware which crippled NAV, Norton Pers Firewall, and a spyware filter

      I had to un-install all 3 applications, clean infected remnants. I decided to reload with McAfee spyware filter, and McAfee Anti-Virus, cleaned a total of 7 viruses and spyware worms off my machine

      when requesting a refund the Symantec web site is confusing & hard to use, was unable to follow refund process, given the run-around

      I now use a combination of AOL & McAfee Anti-spyware, anti-virus, personal firewall, and from PaloAlto – SPY Assassin, my advice is –

      run all 3 and stay malware free

      Dissatisfied consumer of Symantech

    • #3345418

      No coincidence

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY who tells me their computer has been infected by a virus is using Norton.

      Well I guess SOME of them may have failed to renew their registration, and thus missed out on recent updates, but I will stay well clear of Norton AV thank you.

      I have advised these people to use Vet or TrendMicro.

    • #3328201

      Review this other side of the picture

      by support ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

    • #3328086

      Norton the power hog!

      by mikej ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      NAV may be a good antivirus if you like a power hungry, flashy program that likes to pat itself on the back at every turn with cute pop-ups. Personally I wouldn’t install NAV again on another PC. With every AV that I have seen, and I’m sure that I haven’t seen them all, they all miss something, but if you want a want a good clean running AV with no extra BS. Then I recommend NOD32 written by Eset. It just works. I will say that I have found some Trojans that have made it past NOD but they never have paralyze the PC like what I have had happen with Norton.
      With NOD you can hardly tell that the AV is running except when it alerts you to a problem.
      If you would like to see how you current AV is working, then go to the following web site: and run the free active scan on the machine and you will be surprised with what you may find. I wouldn’t recommend install the full version of this AV. I know a few people have tried it and claim that it crashed their PC, but I don’t know if the PC was clean before installing Panda or not. I need to evaluate it my self, but I have not had any problems running the free online scan.

    • #3347242

      Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus

      by soyelalmaenpena ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      I respect all the work that Syamntec has done to build his virus control systems. But i wonder why its systems can’t be liter because when using NAVs the PCs slow down and and oftenly we realize that our NAV got disabled so easily and it’s when we scan our systems with other Antivirus we found always something that NAV had left.

      Is it so difficult for Symantec to correct this?

    • #3347206


      by jotom102000 ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      norton is wierd it will catch some then let others install and the ones it lets install you have to go to there site to find instructions on how to navigate the registry to delete the key manually.How many of you can navigate the registry in good time and not make the pc a paperwieght.I have been doing this since this was a dos line and i still get lost in the registry one slipup and your screwed.Why is it that norton cannot eliminate these keys like avg from the go.Maybe they are not as advanced as they say they are.

    • #3347193

      Seems to work great for me

      by seeker532 ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      I got the Internet Security thing and it seems to work great with xp home and pro except for some lack of memory which Norton is famous for. Doesn’t bother me too much but then I can’t spend all day on it like I used to. My regular job takes up too much of my time and of course my family is always there to make sure I’m not bored in what little free time I have by giving me things to fix like plumbing, electrical, new entrance doors, windows, etc.
      “Single men die younger, married men want to.”

    • #3351890

      it works (sometimes)

      by emeralddruid ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      For whatever reason running just one antivirus program doesn’t work any more.

      The viruses morph to avoid detection while scanning with just one app. The second antivirus program picks it up when scanning with the first so don’t bet the ranch on Symantec.

      It is a fine product but it doesn’t always get them.

    • #3351829

      snail’s pace

      by tutor4pc ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      Surely I cannot verify how good a job Norton does. But I resent the “speed”. I use Hauri AV which I bought as part of a package. It works fast and removes spyware well. Even though I use Norton System works I do not install their AVIR. Worse was McAfee. I shelved the $69 program because it never worked for me.


    • #2655747


      by willistanner ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      No!!!!!!!!!!! Norton is a joke in a box.

    • #2654472

      Never have been

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      And I recommend against Norton. There are just too many better enterprise class products available for business and significantly more for the home user.

      Norton lost the vision ages ago. They never got it back. In my opinion, anyway.

    • #2654470


      by armstrongb ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      It caused more problems than it solved, gripped and ripped out with pleasure. A piece of garbage is Symantec’s Security Suite.

    • #2910519

      hate it

      by steve_swny ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      i use atcually works i never get a virus.and its free norton reports my own spyware detecion as a virus ..and i dont beleave its ever found a thing i got avira FREE and it cleaned my machine well. Avast is my second choice and works veru well and is FREE…Steve

      • #2910254

        “norton reports my own spyware detecion as a virus”

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to hate it

        so, you write Spyware and Norton detected it as a virus?
        Does that not mean that Norton is working better than suggested???

    • #2910261


      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Does anybody like Norton AntiVirus?

      I use AVG to clean virus’ out of Nortons Anti-virus on a weekly basis. When possible, I convince customers to forget Nortons products for just about any other. On a clean install, I install AVG Free and then recommend to the customer that they purchase either AVG, ZoneLabs, or preferably Kaspersky.

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