does anybondy know whats going on here?

By andycro ·
I encountered the problem about the 22nd of july
all of a sudden my computer crashed,it just froze up the mouse wont move the keyboard wont
work. I ran several software antivirus programs
but it looks like the problem still exists. I
think this is a virus that somehow manages to
eatup the cpu to 100% and it freezes. I have
recently managed to find several files
that I think were viruses and one file rootkit.

the other problem is that the virus has left
a variant of some kind, that has locked me out
,I cant remove programs from the control panel
. some of the services in windows have been stopped. I cant restart them. I cant load msconfig from the start/run. when I try to enter
control panel in safe mode, system crashes and
reboots. one of the services stopped is windows
installer, so I cant setup some antivirus software programs. please help me someone.

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Well if it was me

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to does anybondy know whats ...

I would backup whatever Data is required wipe the system with Boot & Nuke and then restart from a Blank HDD.

You can get Boot & Nuke here free

Of if you have a SATA HDD Kill Disc may be easier for you to use

After you have the system reloaded install a AV product of your choice and also add Malware Bytes

and Spybot S&amp

Make sure that all of these are updated as well as your AV Product and then scan whatever you have stored your Data on to check for any infections in it. Once everything is clean you can restore your Data.

But you'll need the System Makers Recovery Disc/Set and not rely on any Recovery Partition on the HDD as both Boot & Nuke and Kill Disc will erase it. They both treat the HDD as a Single Partition and do not make allowances for multiple Partitions. Either way you would want to delete all partitions on the HDD/s to ensure you have killed the infection.

edited for clarity

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If data you have is important then..

by salim In reply to Well if it was me

Start the system into safe mode.
See if you have fake antivirus software installed like antivirus 2009. This is causing this kind of problem. It does exactly the same things that you described. Go to c:\All programs\ and delete the directory itself that you do not know.
From safe mode you should be able to go to msconfig, disable all startup programs and disable all services except Microsoft.
Open Internet explorer and Disable all add on to Internet explorer whether it is currently installed, run without your permission or a previously loaded, disable all if you do not know.
Restart the system
System will work fine
Go to
Download scanner for free.
It will tell you malicious software installed.
I will say spend money to clean it.
You will have your data and system for a long time.
If you have outdated MacAfee then uninstall it, it will make you system much faster.

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msconfig doesnt work

by andycro In reply to If data you have is impor ...

when I try to type in msconfig in the start/run area it says that one or more
components are missing. once again it crashes
when you open control panel. it wont let me
search on the computer either from the search
start/search area. I dont know what to do.

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2 things

by seanferd In reply to msconfig doesnt work

Instead of msconfig, see if this will run:

Check out Process Explorer and Rootkit Revealer as well. Perhaps you can kill the offending processes.


Get a live cd or some sort to boot another OS, and get your backup off the drive without the infected OS running.

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by Kingbackwards In reply to does anybondy know whats ...

Give this a shot:

Its a virus scanner Microsoft is working on that runs from IE.I've had some success with it as a last ditch effort.The only thing it doesn't do is kill the processes that are currently running. So after it runs open task manager and just kill "conspicuous" processes and reboot.

Otherwise, you'll need to get your critical data off the machine and start from scratch.

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have you tried an OS repair?

by Snuffy09 In reply to does anybondy know whats ...

either the virus is still there or it took part of the ship down with it.

if you believe the system is "clean" try to do an os repair to fix any damaged or missing system files.

how limited is your profile? are you able to copy files? id backup what important files i could and just reformat. takes less time in the end.

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I dont know anything about computers

by andycro In reply to have you tried an OS repa ...

I know that it keeps freezing unless I have
it in safe mode. I know that it is somehow
tied into the desktop also,because after
windows loads and it logs me on, it just sits
there with a blank desktop! about 2 minutes
and then all my icons appear. I'm gonna try
some new software. I dont know what it could
be I've tried everything. spybot,adaware,
hijack this, cws shredder, etc.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to I dont know anything abou ...

you have a corrupt user profile?

go to control panel>user accounts>create a new account... give it a username and password and make sure it IS an ADMINISTRATOR account.

try logging in with this user, then compare it to the things that are happening to you...something may be corrupt in your profile/personal settings.

good luck

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