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Does anyone believe it's possible to hide today?

By Jack-M ·
With our names, birthdates, SS#, shopping history, online travels,etc. is it possible to disappear and reappear and work almost anywhere?
Unless you're willing to be homeless,
live on handouts and under the table jobs, could someone drop off the radar. It's not just the government. It's your pharmacy,dentist's office, landlord, grocery store, electronics stores ad nauseum. It's 1984 and Big Brother is watching you 24/7.

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Yes, but why??

by dawgit In reply to Does anyone believe it's ...

There is also some good in this, it can be used to your advantage. Being a 'nobody' is not all that it seems either. The real point is how do 'we' prevent the abuse of this tech.?

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My Concerns

by Jack-M In reply to Yes, but why??

I remember when AOL, Prodigy and probably others reverse read HDD's. If you visted a lot of accounting sites you suddenly saw accounting and/or popup ads, same with doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs. This was years ago and they were sued and 'promised' to stop. Now I wonder if they are selling my interests to whoever.(where's my cut?) Actually I don't wonder too much, I'm onvinced that in spite of disclaimers to the contrary it's being done. Otherwise what's the purpose of 'tracking cookies'? I just plain don't like it but see it as a necessary evil if I want the use of all the sites I visit.

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Double post thingie

by dawgit In reply to Does anyone believe it's ...

I didn't do that honest.!.

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Osama bin Laden

by john.a.wills In reply to Does anyone believe it's ...

seems to be hiding pretty well.

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by pivert In reply to Osama bin Laden

The correct term is 'digital shadow'. I don't think it's possible to hide. If you're willing to hide in a cave and travel by donkey you have a small chance, otherwise forget it. And it's not a question on 'is it possible someone misuses this', you can count on it being misused. Police is experimenting with clever camera's: cameras that identify people and their behaviour.

Sorry to disappoint you but we're way past 1984 already. It's just waiting until all systems interconnect. Probably with some 'for the countries/peoples/individuals safety'-excuse. Oops, has been used already :-(

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Why do U want 2 hide

by arcticmike2003 In reply to donkeys

Obviously this issue isn't about being hidden as much as it is about hiding something about ourselves that is not so appealing to others.

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by Francis.Hernandez@caddell In reply to Why do U want 2 hide

Having privacy is not the same as hiding something from public. What my wife and I do at home in our bedroom is not for public consumption, not that we're hiding it.

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Does it always have to be carried to the extreme?

by ecote In reply to Naive

I agree more with Mr. Morgan. It seems to me that the ones decrying the ability are the ones that DO have something to hide and I'm not talking about your Kama Sutra techniques. I believe it's more the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time it would be used for the benefit of society as a whole, 20% it may be misused. Let's debate it's control on the 20% and applaud the 80%.

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by LocoLobo In reply to Why do U want 2 hide

I agree with Hernandez. I want my privacy. What I read, eat, or purchase is my business. As long as I'm not breaking the law.

Consider this example. A few years ago a video went around the internet showing a couple copulating in the back of a sports arena during some kind of game. Did they do wrong? Absolutely! Did security have the right to film them? Yeh sure! But I think it was misuse to disperse this publicly. That is the problem. Even when the technology is being used correctly, it can be misused.



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Yes it is possible to hide

by bhalverson In reply to Does anyone believe it's ...

Consider this: if the FBI and law enforcement are so empowered with technology, why do we still have serial killers and child molesters? I am not up on the current statistics, but if I recall correctly there are a couple dozen ACTIVE serial killers in the Midwest alone. We have Amber alerts, but if Big Brother technology worked, we would never get to that point.

There is a whole lot of people out there that really shouldn't be walking the same earth as people that are basically good. They are predators. But we don't have the technology to stop them. Any public servant worth their salt would never pass up the opportunity to put a child rapist or killer behind bars if they had the capability.

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