Does anyone feel like an interview?

By lukkaempf ·
I do a thesis at school and look for people who answer interview questions about the programmer.
I hope I get answers from about 10 programmers.
I will summarize the answers
Of the answers, there is no static evaluation
The answers are treated anonymously
I would be glad if I take your time and thank you in advance.

1. What motivated you to learn how to program?

2. Why did you become a professional programmer?

3. Would you choose again the job as a software developer?

4. What job would you choose, if you wouldn’t have become a coder?

5. What do you like best when developing software?

6. What do you don’t like when developing software?

7. How many programming languages ​​do you master?

8. Do you have to learn a lot to stay up to date?

9. Do you memorize many commands?

10. What kind of software did you develop in your career??

11. Can you understand the code of other software developers?

12. What is your favorite programming language?

13. What do you prefer, Mac, Windows or Linux?

14. What do you do when your code is not working?

15. What are the most common misunderstandings when programming?

16. Do programmers often work from home?

17. How Do you explain your daily work to your parents?

18. Which program you wrote are you most proud of?

19. At what age did you start coding?

20. What is the percentage of women coders in your company?

21. Do programmers have the same amount of feelings as other people?

22. Are all programmers hackers?

23. What do you think when you learn that a system was being hacked?

24. How is the job as a software developer going to change in the next ten years?

25. What should young people consider if they want to become a software developer?

26. What are your plans for your future career?

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