Does anyone have a Cisco 2514 Schematic Drawing

By cmm8907 ·
I need a schematic drawing in either visio or autocad of a cisco 2514 router. I have little experience in this and am seeing if anyone could give me a hand doing this or has one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You mean a visio of the outside box or the internal circuit schematic?

by robo_dev In reply to Does anyone have a Cisco ...

Cisco offers Visio outlines and stencils for all their products online:

As far as getting a repair schematic, I can state definitively that you cannot get that anywhere, at any price, legally or illegally. While there are some Russian sites that post just about every copyrighted repair schematic that exists online, you will have better luck finding a flying pig who can speak Japanese than finding a schematic for ANY product that Cisco makes. Those are closely guarded trade secrets and the devices are not meant to be field-repairable.

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Good link

by cmm8907 In reply to You mean a visio of the o ...

Thanks for the link. That helps.

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outside of box

by cmm8907 In reply to Good link

I am mainly looking for a detailed diagram of a rear view of the outside of the box.

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Great, that is something Cisco will gladly provide

by robo_dev In reply to outside of box
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Auto CAD Internal Diagram

by cmm8907 In reply to Does anyone have a Cisco ...

I am in need of a diagram of the internal componetens, AKA the Board, and need it to be done in an autocad format with each chip labeled and describe what they do.

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Seriously, you will never ever find that...

by robo_dev In reply to Auto CAD Internal Diagram

that's IP (intellectual property).

Cisco has a very large staff or people who do nothing but look for individuals or companies who are trying to reverse-engineer or steal their IP.

The only reason that information might exist would be for repair technicians or for Cisco internal use.

Cisco equipment, like most computer gear, is not field-repairable at anything other than the board-level. Therefore schematics, parts diagrams, or internal part numbers are simply not available. In most cases the boards are not marked with the component numbers since there is no reason to do that.

Just curious, why do you need this?

Are you trying to repair a Cisco device, working on some class project, or trying to build your own Cicso clone?

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Visio diagram

by emily01 In reply to Does anyone have a Cisco ...

You can have a look at site. It has good collection of visio templates, partner products and training videos. Hope this helps you.

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