Does anyone have experience with SECURESPOT?

By Ron K. · <br>
We have a DIR-655 router. I'm wondering if SECURESPOT would slow down our Internet browsing speed. It seems like most security software does.

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Don't have personal experience, however

by IC-IT In reply to Does anyone have experien ...

It does sound promising. Have you read the fact sheet? Here is a link;

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I ran into it while going through my router's software.

by Ron K. In reply to Don't have personal exper ...

I had to look up some info that took me to an animated demo. I've read up on it a bit. I think I'll just buy it tomorrow and see what's what. I've spent more for software that did less, that's for sure.

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You don't sound

by santeewelding In reply to I ran into it while going ...

Like anyone recoiling from the world. You sound like someone fixing to embrace it whole-hog, guarded in the very least by a router.

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You have no idea...

by Ron K. In reply to You don't sound hungry I am and here you mention whole-hog. <br>
This is a phase I'm going through, recovering from a sudden wound. It's how I do it. I find distractions. These damn computers help meet the need. I may also take one out back and take a sledgehammer to it.

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Oh, yeah, I do

by santeewelding In reply to You have no idea...

Got me a pork tenderloin thawing right now for tomorrow.

I got to do the sledge thing today -- with a twelve-pounder.

Old guy came in with his motorized motorhome steps. Fixed them once before, years ago, after he lowered them accidentally on the freeway (bent all to ****).

This time it was slow in a parking lot.

Slid the unit off his tailgate onto the asphalt. Told him, "Right here; right now."

Took the sledge you see in my avatar photo and, Whack.

Done. No charge.

Revealed to him the power of God. Can't promise that you will exercise the same in your backyard.

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My sledge

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Oh, yeah, I do

is bigger than your sledge. :^0

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Hang on

by santeewelding In reply to My sledge

I'm adjusting the IV drip to increase volume and flow of testosterone in order to confront you.

Damn. Looks to be empty.

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No worries, santee.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My sledge

I have a 'coon dick that's bigger than most.

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I see that my question's replies have gone awry.

by Ron K. In reply to My sledge

Shocking. How am I to ever learn anything unless it's handed to me on a silver platter? <br>
My next question was going to be about my retirement path. Fishing, bowling, skydiving; so many choices. What'll be the best fit for my retirement?<br>
Just writing that leads me to believe I'll be more suited to just remaining a PITA. It's cheaper. <br>
Now if you two could settle down a bit we can have some decorum in this question. You'll chase everyone away. :^0 Or not. I don't care. I'm just practicing slight indignation. How'm I doing? <br>
I'll be doling out thumbs shortly. B-) <br>
Oh yeah... I have two sledge hammers. Three if you count Peter Gabriel.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to My sledge

but do you have any 'coon dicks? :^0

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