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Does anyone have personal experience with Robert Half Technology?

By section31 ·
I applied to a few desktop support positions on Monster that were being promoted through Robert Half Technology. An hour later I received a call from a recruiter who wants to meet with me. After setting up a meeting time I decided to do some research on the group and discovered many negative comments on the agency. I was wondering if anyone here had some personal experience with this group whether I might be wasting my time by dealing with them.

Note: I'm not applying to work at this company, but through this company as a temp agency.

Are they as bad as people seem to claim?

Examples of claims:
Non-existent job opportunities
Forced to sign a no compete contract before holding an actual job

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I did work with them

by JamesRL In reply to Does anyone have personal ...

While I was unemployed some time ago, I was networking with a former supervisor, and she suggested she could set someting up with Robert Half, as she had been placed through them at a Director level position.

I did have the meeting, and it seemed to go well. But nothing happened after that other than a few status updates back and forth.

I wouldn't say they are the worst, they generally have a decent reputation. But that doesn't mean some people haven't had issues with them, thats probably true of all agencies.

As for the non compete, I've seen that before.

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by ExHalfer In reply to Does anyone have personal ...

I worked with Robert Half for a number of years. As a candidate, they are horrible to you. They have a policy of telling you that they will negotiate the best deal for you, but that is not the case. They have multiples between 1.7 and 2.0+. So, they may tell you, "I negotiated the best deal for you that I could." The reality whatever they are paying you per hour, you should multiply that by a factor of 2 to get the amount billed to the customer. The customer thinks that you are making the majority of the money, in most cases. Robert Half made over $500,000 on my placements over a 5 year period. Ok, I made $100K per year; they made $100K per year. Do you think that is fair? If you do, join them. However, most staffing firms have multiples between 1.25 and 1.4. Don't go with a firm that has a higher multiple. The "added benefits" is a scam. If you buy the weekly healthcare program, you will feel like you are insured until you need to go to the hospital. After that experience, you will fight the healthcare provider for a good year to settle your claims. Meanwhile, your doctor and hospital will come after you to pay upfront. Robert Half is not worth it. I direct everyone to the forums on Go to the Forums page and search for "Robert Half," in quotations. Oh by the way, even when RHT raised their prices to the client, you don't see an increase. However, if you get a raise from the client then it is divided proportionally. They are well known only because they have a nationwide marketing campaign. But, they will treat you horribly - as a general rule. I have only heard of a few offices in the entire U.S. that are better than the norm. Lastly, calling you in for an interview is just to get information out of you about your companies and the previous companies for which you have worked. Most of the jobs posted are FAKE jobs. Some have even reported that they never got a call back, but their supervisor was hired. Good luck. Use a competitor.

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