does anyone have tips how to protect your online environment?

By Daan(NL) ·
I want to learn more about hacking prevention.
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does anyone have tips how to protect your online environment

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Information available to the online world making it more difficult to protect valuable information Fortunately, here are a the ways to protect your online identity and information
Here are tips to protect your online environment
The most common way to protect your online identity is to focus on creating strong passwords. When creating a password, choose something that will not be easily cracked

Look for Encryption
Before making any sort of financial transaction online, look for signs that show whether the website is encrypted

Security Suites
Security suites are security programs that keep dishonest people and programs from infecting your computer and stealing information and data from you. This includes blocking harmful software such as spyware, viruses, and phishing scams that can be installed secretly when you are online

Web Browser Blacklisting
The lack of Internet security is partially due to the Internet browser being used. Many web browsers have additional security options such as blacklisting. This allows you to set the criteria for sites you will be navigating; only secure, trusted sites will be available to visit.

Private Data Protection
Another way to protect your online identity and sensitive information when sharing it online is to get private data protection. This type of security suite will protect any private data

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A few steps that might be enough

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to does anyone have tips how ...

So, protecting an online environment could be easy it totally depends on how many users are you expecting to access that online environment. and what services are you offering? because naturally, in the end, it all comes to application security.

For instance, if you are a managed service provider, in that case, you can set up a fingerprint lock to your services that have to be reviewed every 1 hour to make changes. You can set that you through a mobile application.

You can also set up authentication through an SMS code, and don't forget to remind your customers or users to delete the code once they have entered it.

Apart from that, you can add multiple layers of software protection tools that will help you prevent attacks, apply encryption, raise alerts if unusual activity is observed. Software tools that you can use in combination are StoneFly SCVM, a software-defined backup solution on top which Veeam, Acronis, Zerto, Commvault, and other 3rd party VM based security tools.

Furthermore, I would also recommend you set up a backup and disaster recovery plan because either way the first most priority for any business is to have a data recovery plan that can ensure that your business suffers no downtime appliance like DR365 can help you achieve that.

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