Does anyone know a good pc utility software

By cPirt ·
is there a good PC utility out there I've tried a few the latest is Fix it Utilities 10 dosent seem to improve any thing

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Fix It and System Suite

by TheChas In reply to Does anyone know a good ...

From my experience, if running all of the clean up and optimization tools in Fix-It or the similar System Suite had little effect on your PC, then either there is very little wrong with your system, or a whole lot of extra things are there.

I've used Fix-It, Norton System Works, Perfect Speed, Registry First Aid, and a host of other programs. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but I usually end up back at System Suite.

One that you might try is ccleaner. Ccleaner cleans more things than some of the other programs and might help take over where Fix-It left off.

Don't ignore running a good mal-ware cleaner like SpyBot Search and Destroy or AdAware too.

How long has your system been up? And, how often to you remove and install applications?

The registry grows in size every time you install new software. While registry cleaners do a good job of cleaning out wrong and unused keys, they are limited in the ability to remove keys that are similar to the keys required for installed software. The only sure way to have a clean and compact registry is a clean install of Windows.

If you have a fairly stable software configuration, you might be able to go 3 to 5 years before registry glut slows down your system.

If you try a lot of software or continually upgrade games and such, your registry may grow too large in 6 months to a year.

Another thing to consider is how much system RAM you have. 3 years ago, 1GB was a decent amount of RAM. Now, 2 GB to 4 GB is considered to be the nominal amount of RAM you should have.

Adding more RAM is still the cheapest way to speed up a system.

One more thought, if you have less than 10% free hard drive space, that can also slow your system to a crawl.


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What are you unhappy with about your computer?

by Ron K. In reply to Does anyone know a good ...

Fix-it Utilities Pro 10 can change some system settings that are better left alone, in my opinion. I was a fan of FIUP 6, recently bought 10 and ran all of the tweaks. I wasn't impressed. It found better than 2700 registry errors after running it recursively. That's roughly more than 2100 more than CCleaner. I'm also uncertain how registry errors effect performance.<br>
I was running Rollback Rx before I installed FIUP 10 and I rolled back to my Rx baseline to completely get rid of it. Then I tweaked my settings myself. Everything pops right open though my boot time is overlong. I run a lot of start-up programs and won't change. <br>
If you let us know what you don't like about your system and what OS you're using maybe someone can help.

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