Does anyone know a good source of info

By Kenone ·
for running windows 7 in a domain? It's not very "domain friendly" we're using about 4 registry hacks just to get it running.

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Microsoft has damn little info

by Kenone In reply to Might be some good links ...

Spiceworks stuff was pretty specific but interesting.

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by jfuller05 In reply to Microsoft has damn little ...

I didn't really know the extent of the problem, but found the links so I was thinking it might be useful or at least lead you in the right direction.

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Haven't had any issues yet

by Nimmo In reply to Does anyone know a good s ...

We have added multiple Windows 7 machines to different domains since the partner release back in August 09 and not one has been an issue.

What version are you trying to add to a domain? and what OS is your domain controller?

I'm not 100% sure but I think it's from Windows 7 professional up that are only domain compatable.

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by Kenone In reply to Haven't had any issues ye ...

No proxy servers, terminal servers, roaming profiles?
Windows 7 Professional on a mostly W2003 domain. The few 2008 servers aren't doing much yet.

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Different setups

by Nimmo In reply to Really?

We have so many clients with so many different setups but all in all everything you stated above are in use at different locations.

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Which Version?

by TheChas In reply to Does anyone know a good s ...

I could see all sorts of problems if you are attempting to use either Home Basic or Premium versions of Windows 7 on a Domain network.

You should be using the pro or business editions for any commercial application.

You could also have issues if you are running an older server OS such as W2K.


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Win 7 Pro

by Kenone In reply to Which Version?

On a mostly win2003 server run domain, couple of 2008 servers but so far they're not doing much.

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by .Martin. In reply to Does anyone know a good s ...

obviously connecting machines to a domain only works with Business, Ultimate and Enterprise Versions

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There is no Business version

by Kenone In reply to link

And Ultimate and Enterprise are the same product sold through different channels.
I know how to use google, thanks for your help.

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