Does anyone know how I can get my printer to work with Windows 7

By mis-t ·
I got a new computer with Windows 7 and now my printer is apparently not supported. It is a HP Deskjet 5440. Is there a printer driver I can download to get my printer working on this new OS?

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Easy Answer is no you need a new/different printer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does anyone know how I ca ...

However if you have a high enough version of 7 you may be able to use XP mode which may support this printer.

Or you could blow away the 7 install and use one of the many Nix Distributions like Ubuntu which will support your HP Printer

Or you could try wiping the 7 HDD and loading XP to this system but that may not work very well even if all of the hardware is actually supported. You could try looking on your new computers makers Web Site and see if they offer XP Drivers for your model.


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Yeah, "No" does seem to be the answer.

by mis-t In reply to Easy Answer is no you nee ...

I was on the phone with Dell for and hour and they eventually tried selling me a new printer. However, they did try to remedy the problem first. It is especially aggravating, since they guy who sold me the computer said it would definitely work with my printer, in fact, he said "no worries!"
thanks for your response though. You were more help than Dell! :)

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yeah, "No" does seem to b ...

Though if you where told that the printer would work with this unit you may have the right to return it and get a refund depending on what the Consumer Protection Laws are in your area.

Will not get the system to work with the printer but then 7 doesn't support a lot of older hardware so there is no way to get it to work with that OS in a cost effective manner.

It's always possible that a person could write a new driver for Windows 7 but the reality is that this isn't going to happen.


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thanks, but....

by mis-t In reply to Your Welcome

I got it to work. I was thinking of selling my printer on ebay, but thought I'd play with the driver installations again. This time when I went to the install a printer and went through the list, my printer series WAS in there. It wasn't a few weeks ago. Windows Update must have installed the driver when it was looking for one, although, I never knew it did. i guess that is what happened. In any event, HOORAY, I now have an operating printer. Thought this might help someone else in the same predicament as i was in.

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thank you

by mis-t In reply to The drivers for your prin ...

thanks, i finally figured it out on my own. After Dell, told me no, then even people on this forum telling me no, I was about to give up. But today I tried it again, and I was able to get my printer working! I am so happy. thanks so much!!!

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