Does anyone know of problems when increasing to 2GB RAM for ASUS P5S800-VM

By WhyDoMath ·
I have an ASUS P5S800-VM mb with a Celeron D that runs RedHat 7.0 in text mode and the original 512MB was fine for a while. Its primary use is as a server for telnet connections to a COBOL pharmacy operations and POS app. As new demands have been placed on the ASUS, especially a Java electronic signature capture application, it has really slowed down. I bought a 2GB Corsair Value Select kit of DDR 400MHz, approved for the ASUS on the Corsair Memory Finder. The ASUS will not complete a RAM check with either or both of the new Corsair 1GB DIMM's. I got an RMA from Corsair, but I'm just wondering if maybe I'm missing something.

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These M'Boards need Low Density RAM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does anyone know of probl ...

And here I'm supposing that you got High Density RAM from Corsair which doesn't work correctly with these M'Boards.

A quick check is to see if the RAM Modules have Chips on both sides of the PCB the high density stuff only has chips on one side of the Printed Circuit Board while the Low Density has chips on both sides.

You can not fit more than 1 GIG of Low Density RAM per Memory Socket giving a total of 2 Gig's of Low Density when the M'Board is fully loaded.

I only use Corsair RAM and I have successfully used 2 X 1 GIG Corsair Modules on these boards previously without a problem.

Also you may need to update the BIOS to the Newest Beta for the correct identification of the RAM depending on which BIOS you currently have installed.


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Low Density DIMM's

by WhyDoMath In reply to These M'Boards need Low D ...

The Corsair RAM is double-sided, i.e. chips on both sides of the PCB. The Elixer brand 512MB DIMM in it now is single-sided, I assumed that was because it was only 512. I think the BIOS is from late 2006, will have to check later. The MB was purchased in December 2006. Have you done a BIOS update on one of these boards with no issues?

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BIOS Flashes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Low Density DIMM's

Are no issues if you follow basic safety measures. Always use a UPS to guard against power outages while the BIOS Flash is running and always make sure that you get the right BIOS Update.

However with Servers where they are in a Mission Critical Environment I just swap out the BIOS Chips. I buy in a new BIOS Chip with the required BIOS and fit the IC to the M'Board. It's much faster and far safer not to mention a lot less expensive if something goes wrong. For about $25.00 and a few minutes you have a new BIOS version on the M'Board with no problems of lost production. I use BIOSman for these IC's and have never had to wait more than 7 days to have a IC Air Mailed to me. Not bad when you consider that they have to come from the US to Australia.


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