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Does anyone know what a DOSMC.exe file is?

By jhirst ·
This dosmc.exe file is using almost 100% of my CPU at start up. It appears to be a prefetch item. Any help on this would be appreciated.

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No idea...try this

by house In reply to Does anyone know what a D ...

Can you even manage your OS?

Probably not. Your computer probably freezes, right?

I used to freeze my buddy's PC by using his scheduled tasks share to set Pinball.exe for start up. As soon as he started to wig out, I'd kill it remotely. He never did find out. I must have done it a hundred times.

Know any programmers? Use "Read NTFS" or something like it to backup the file and open it up with Visual if you're really curious.

*Use the recovery console to mess with it or copy over it with a dud. If you are having a permissions of luck. Try killing the process remotely.

Keep me informed though, I've had similar problems and every solution was different.

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