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Does anyone know what happened to ..

By deepsand ·
the "Design and Usability Tactics Newsletter," from Builder.com?

It seems to have unceremoneously replaced by the "Software/Web Development Netnote Newsletter," from TechRepublic.com.

The content of the latter seems to include none of that of the former.

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Winding Down?

by TheChas In reply to Does anyone know what hap ...

Browsing around at www.builder.com.com it looks like Builder.com did not generate the response expected.

I finally found the newsletter page:


It shows that I am still subscribed to the Design and Usability newsletter.

Looking through my inbox, I see I have not received an issue for a while.


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Yep, it's looking pretty sparse there.

by deepsand In reply to Winding Down?

And, like TR, no means of contact provided.

Did you too begin receiving the same new TR newsletter that I did?

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Design and Usability

by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Does anyone know what hap ...

Dear deepsand,
Thanks for inquiring about the Design and Usability newsletter. The final edition of that newsletter was sent to subscribers on Jan. 5, 2005. We included an editor's notice in the last delivery of the newsletter stating that anyone who was subscribed to that newsletter will now receive the Software/Web Development NetNote.

You are correct in noting that the Software/Web Development NetNote hasn't contained any design content; it focuses more on XML, Java, C++, SQL Server, Web services, etc.

Would you like to see this NetNote start to incorporate more CSS and design-related content?

Thank you,
Mary Weilage
Newsletter Editor

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Yep, I blew right past that notice!

by deepsand In reply to Design and Usability

I'm so used to notices at the top being promos, & member/subscription related items at the bottom, which is where I looked for it just now, that I never noticed it on 1st reading; I finally found it.

Yes, I found the content of the now defunct newsletter quite useful, particularly in quiding clients toward a solution that serves their best interests; i.e., the form vs. function issue.

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by MaryWeilage Editor In reply to Yep, I blew right past th ...

Thanks for letting us know that you found the information that newsletter provided useful. We'll keep this in mind when we're creating new content.

Thank you,
Mary Weilage

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And, thank you,

by deepsand In reply to Thanks!

for solving the case of the missing newsletter!

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Does anyone know What happened to..

by krystal_889 In reply to Does anyone know what hap ...

Not sure if its what you want but there is an excellent guide at a forum I am member of from way back - still am. its been created in PDF format by a designer who knew what he was talking about. like I say it may not be what you need!

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Nice beginning, particularly for those with no marketing experience; but,

by deepsand In reply to Does anyone know What hap ...

I was seeking the nuts & bolts type of info. published in the newsletter in question.

Thanks for trying to find an alternative source.

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As noted above by an editor, ...

by deepsand In reply to

the newsletter in question was discontinued.

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