Does anyone of you use marketing automation tools? Is it beneficial?

By susan2015parker ·
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I want a marketing automation tool for LinkedIn. Please help me with the best marketing tool.
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marketing automation tool

by yugapatil38 In reply to Does anyone of you use ma ...

Yes, marketing automation tool is beneficial in many ways. It help to increase scale and scope of campaigns, boosting ROI on staff costs etc

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Benefits of using marketing automation tools

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Does anyone of you use ma ...

Time saving – Campaigns can be scheduled ahead of time, meaning you can channel your working hours into other projects. Whilst this is possible with other platforms, with a marketing automation system you have the added benefit of being able to schedule different posts to different audiences.
Increases productivity – Marketing automation frees up your marketing team’s time from performing repetitive tasks and gives them the capacity to brainstorm new ideas and boost productivity in other areas.
Personalization – You have the ability to create a tailored and unique experience for each customer, thereby increasing engagement and boosting sales.
Multi-channel campaign management – Keep track of all your campaigns across all your marketing channels from one platform.
Consistent tone of voice – By unifying all your marketing campaigns, you can ensure that your tone of voice remains consistent.
Improved ROI – By targeting customers more specifically, your marketing spend is being used wisely and efficiently.

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