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    Does anyone recognise the app “App Clips” ?


    by liivi ·

    I have firm evidence people I know have been accessing my phone as I noticed they placed their phone on top of mine for no apparent reason. It occurred to me they may have installed spyware on my iOS device, so I checked apps from my settings. There was an app named “App Clips” (icon is a blue square with a bordered blue line marking) which I didn’t recognise appearing at the top of my list. I went to find the app from the main iPhone screen and couldn’t find it. Then I noticed it was visible in the App Library under Productivity & Finance BUT the weirdest thing is when I went clicked into it from App Library page it wasn’t appearing amongst the other apps within this category?? That alerted me to the fact that it may be spyware of some description and now I’m becoming increasingly concerned about what these people know.

    (FYI my phone lasted about 30 seconds beneath their handset before I worked out what may have been going on and I noticed my battery life didn’t last as long. I have since done a software update)

    Any help from your community would be much appreciated, thank you ??

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      App Clips is an Apple thing.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Does anyone recognise the app “App Clips” ?

      -> I’ll skip duplicating what it is but note that you can NEVER ALLOW anyone to do what you let them do. Read this link about App Clips and how it can install an app clip just with a code (see the link as I won’t list all here.)

      Also, smart phones are spyware. Reporting everything we do and where we go. “Change my mind?”

      If you feel the phone is infected, factory reset after you backup what you can’t lose.

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        How do you remove App Clip Spyware?

        by mynephewsspyware ·

        In reply to App Clips is an Apple thing.

        My Nephew went in through the camera with a QR code. What is the purpose of this? The blue square with a border around it is the Symbol it just showed up “App Clips”. How do I remove it and can anyone tell me what it does or what information he wants.

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          To your top question.

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to How do you remove App Clip Spyware?

          I can’t answer that unless I say, get some other maker’s phone. Seriously! App Clips is baked into iOS. But to remove App Clips:
          [b]How to delete App Clips:[/b]
          1. Open the Settings app.
          2. Tap App Clips.
          3. Tap Delete.

          If you would like to [b]disable App Clips[/b], go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content Restrictions, tap App Clips and select Don’t Allow.

          As to the information or what it does, I can’t duplicate all that has been written about what data is collected with SmartPhones, Facebook etc. As to what it does, that’s too broad a question so I’ll write how to remove clips that are on the phone and how to disable App Clips and hope that’s enough for today.

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      phone protection

      by canada2015 ·

      In reply to Does anyone recognise the app “App Clips” ?

      Wear a Jacket or shirt that has a front pocket and keep your phone in there. Don’t put your phone down anywhere. Also, if you are more concerned, keep your phone in a bag with an aluminum coating inside such as a bag that is used to hold carmel candies. You can buy aluminum bags online inexpensively. This will prevent malware from being sent to your phone. Also, keep your blue tooth and Air Drop off at all times. Hope this helps.

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