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Does Anyone Tech Spec?

By FluxIt ·
It seems so many people just jump into IT projects without tech specin' the processes and requirements. How many times have IT staff just come up with a list of hardware and software items without fully understanding the project scope?

More importantly I question if anyone is even competent at tech specin' projects. Any inputs?

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by RiverFreight In reply to Does Anyone Tech Spec?

River Freight is a company that provides Business Services taking regard of the fact that the computer is an indelible part of your business, your customers business, and the businesses that you are a customer of. OR I also do the kind of stuff y'll were talking of very well.

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Ok! What are some of the problems...

by FluxIt In reply to RiverFreight

What are some of the problems you encountered?

I have a development team that is very weak in this area that I am working with.

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The problems aint really there. {ERK!}

by RiverFreight In reply to Ok! What are some of the ...

I usually find that the problems are addressing a belief and not actuallity; also the worst problem that I found was nobody needed training or education 'cuz they wuz all psychics (its all intuitive you see!) Finally the people that I'm working withdirectly don't seem to have any clear picture that they share in common with each other much less the Company or myself, so it becomes impossible to do anything of much worth until that problem is rectified.

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by 1stladytech In reply to Does Anyone Tech Spec?

Whenever we start into a new project, I will try to find out what the software packages that will be installed are. From there, I work backward to develop the hardware specs. Always try to stay at least at the recommended hardware levels for the software that you are installing, preferrable above this level. This will allow for software updates/upgrades without having to reset hardware first. Also try to ballgame what else is likely to be put on the machines. Many times have I been told that the machine is only going to perform one function (such as a Point of Sale register) and then am called when the bottom of the line machine that we installed, 'cuz it was cheap, won't run SQL 7 or some such program. They thought it would be a good idea because the machine wasn't used very much. I always try to at least ballgame for worst case and then back off to fit in budget and constraints.

Just my thought process,


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Not a problem I've run into yet!

by RiverFreight In reply to Specs

This is actually new to me as the person who is responsable for the 'speccing and the overseeing the rest of the set-up. Am I wrong to get target specific hardware and setit up so that all it is capable of is that job and then inplace such training as to its actual use. I do these business services in every sector of the computer industry. I've been called back to include more equipment and/or software as the business grew into areas and operations and operational levels that were not forseen or SURPRISE foreseeable at the time of contract, & yes I've eaton a couple by missing a salient point. Almost always I have to issue a new contract after a reveiw of the operation - sort of like a fiscal Statement; you can tell I'm not an accountant, right?
River Freight

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