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Does Apple still sell computers?

By xaMdaM ·
Yesterday's commentary (1/13/05) from John Sheesley, Senior Editor - TechProGuild kinda' rubbed me the wrong way... maybe that's what John intended.

John starts off with "It's just that in almost 20 years of working with computers for dozens of different companies, I can probably count on two hands the number of Macs I've had to work with. I'm not living in a sheltered world either,..."

Uh... John, I hate to inform you big guy... you ARE living in a sheltered world!
I started out in 1979/80 wire wrapping my own Z80's and 8080's, fought my way through CP/M, slogged into and through DOS 1.1 and have really come to appreciate those early days. Not that I want to relive writing binary KEX Kernals and dealing with 16kb of RAM ever again! I'm glad those days are long gone. In those days you really appreciated what code was and how much it took to write lean code. When we first got Windows 3.0 (The first GUI that actually worked) I was amazed at what was possible, but quickly realized what the term stability had meant under command line.

But when you have so little real world experience with an OS that you create such misinformed statements as above, I just gotta respond.

I hate to make light of your commentary like this, but I didn't write it, you did. You say, "The problem comes in when you have to support a Mac in a Windows environment." Yeah, I know what you mean! You STILL gotta' support those Windows machines!

I'm responsible for a fairly substantial hybrid network... and EVERY part of it!

My Mac's give me about 400% LESS trouble than the Microsoft boxes and I have 2 to 1 - Mac's to Microsoft. If I weren't an in-house admin, I guess I'd really love Windows. They are a constant source of income for consultants and vendors. The constant security threats, viruses and upgrades are the bane of my admin existance.

I have hundreds of thousands of images to move, thousands of postscript files, millions of data records to handle and I can't afford the problems that the Microsoft OS's can leave me with at the end of the day.

It wasn't that long ago that I was as rabid a Microsoft user as I am now a Mac Hack. I saw the light and have never regretted my change in aliances to Mac, both personally and professionally.

I'm only sorry that you haven't really had the chance to test drive a new OSX box. I think you'ld be pleasantly supprised at how tank like the OS really is. (M1 Abrahms that is.)

Not that OSX is the be all end all. No computer is or ever will be. There is no "idiot proof" system. The idiots are too resourseful!

I just wish that those of you who are not knowledgable about Mac would take the time to enlighten yourselves to be more than slaves of the 8088 instruction set.

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Religious Holy Wars

by JamesRL In reply to Does Apple still sell com ...

I once worked for a company that had 20,000 Macs installed, and if you are from Durham, you probably know who they are. And they weren't the only ones. At one point NASA, Boeing, and a number of other large companies chose to use the Mac for much of their workforce, including scientific functionality.

Was a time when the Mac was a better TCP/IP client, had better math functions, and was better at rendering. If IBM had kept up development on the RISC platform they way they had when they started, it would still be the preferable machine for scientific work.

I always found Macs more stable. Thats the advantage of "owning" the hardware spec.

We did always catch flack from the networking crews who kept telling us that Appletalk was a chatty protocol and more difficult to route.

But over the past years, since I work in a Windows only environment, thats where I have stayed as well. I haven't run OSX, and my old Mac at home isn't powerful enough(6100/66). But some of my friends who are using it love it.


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by PokerJohn In reply to Religious Holy Wars

My company gave some of us salespeople the iBook G4. Others
who have been here longer have IBM's or Compaq's.

We're now getting big enough to want a centralized CMS. Other
than browser based, tell me what I can use. Act and Goldmine
doesn't make Mac products.

That's the problem...the laptop is great as a standalone. But if
you have to work with others and share applications, it sucks.


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There are solutions

by xaMdaM In reply to Mac


I've got lots of folks here in similar situations.
All of our "stuff" interacts pretty seamlessly.

Now Contact is a possible solution. Although
you do have a couple of import and export
hoops to jump.

Virtual PC and ACT/Goldmine is another.

Funny story about Virtual PC... I don't think it's
an Urban Legend either...

There is a piece of the core Windows math
code that Microsoft had to rewrite in response
to a failed area of the x86 instruction set that
intel didn't catch in the original chipset.

When Connectix wrote the emulation for the
x86 set, the first Virtual PC code would fail.
Ultimately, they had to "break" their code to
make Windows work!

At any rate... Virtual PC is actually more stable
than the majority of the "genuine intel" boxes
and laptops we have. The real beauty is that
you can cut and paste directly between both.

Another solution is FileMaker 7. If you don't
want to learn the database, there are also
vendors who have developed runtime
solutions. Many of which have excellent import
and export routines.

If I weren't already committed to FileMaker 7,
I'd seriously be looking at Oracle 10g.

I know you aren't probably going to convince
the entire company to switch, but these (10g &
FM7) are really excellent platforms to explore!)


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I'm sheltered too...

by Jessie In reply to Does Apple still sell com ...

but at least I have the good sense to REALIZE it. The only reason I don't see MAC's where I work, I'm sure, is because my resume doesn't say anywhere on it that I know anything about a MAC, therefore, the people in MAC houses don't call me for interviews. That certainly doesn't mean they're not out there.

My husband has been a rabid MAC fan forever. He's had the chance to work with them mainly because he's a musician and graphic designer... both VERY MAC heavy industries. For good reason, MAC makes the best (only?) truly robust systems for these types of environments. MS just can't compete in that arena!

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Music and others

by JamesRL In reply to I'm sheltered too...

I wouldn't necessarily say that.

Once upon a time it was clearly the best platform but these days, its a toss up.

My brother in law has been doing video editing on computers for years - when he started, the high end solutions like Avid were Mac only. But now he uses PCs for the same task - no difference to him.

I used to use a Mac for music notation, midi playback etc. But now the same kind of software is readily available and the same quality on the PC side.


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Ready on the set

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Music and others

It may be a toss up on the music scene, but when it comes to video and movie-making Apple seems to have the edge.

Ever notice when you see a behind-the-scenes or making-of segment you always seem to find an iMac running mock-ups and video clips.

When I watched making-of footage of both "Finding Nemo" and "Shrek" all I saw were iMacs when I saw a computer (except whenever you see one of those industrial strength workstations or pseudo-supercomputer servers really crunchin' numbers).

It may just be that these guys are like me and have a soft spot in their hearts for Apple from their childhood days, but I don't think so.

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Yes and No

by JamesRL In reply to Ready on the set

On the editing side, my brother in law's employer no longer uses Macs, and they do video editing and DVD authoring - one of the larger companies in the country.

Disney also used to be a big Mac company, but less so today. You are still likely to find Macs in the creative areas at movie studios, and advertising agencies. But those places are no longer exclusively Mac. Finding Nemo was done by Pixar, whose owner is Steve Jobs, one of the original Mac Team - so I am not surpised they are using Macs.

Once upon a time in the late 80s, I was working with small production companies in Toronto selling movie budgeting and scripting software, and it was almost all Mac based. The CBC had Macs (head of CBC Comedy development was a big Macophile). Broadway Video were producing Kids in the Hall(Lorne Michael's company who also produce SNL).

But over the past decade and a half, Macs have become less dominant. PCs are cheaper, and for basic functionality can do it all.


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by Garion11 In reply to Does Apple still sell com ...

I am actually thinking of getting one. One of the ones that are going for $499. This iPod singlehandedly is making the Mac cool and popular (for a lack of better terms). I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of years or so (partnered with IBM) MACs replace PCs by as much as 25% to 50% in the corporate environment.

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I just don't get i-Pods

by Oz_Media In reply to Interesting

I looked at so many MP3players and the i-Pod was the least appealing to me.

The volume and sound adjustment was limited, no SRS(which is excellent for headphones),i-Tunes make me ill, battery life was quite sad and it is a cell meaning that you will have to fork out for anew one next year, it skipped!!!, it has mechanical parts and sells for $400.00!!

So people argue that it holds so much more music than Flash players, where will you be going that you need 6 days of continuous music? What happens when you battery cell dies less than a full day into your trek?

What if you drop it? I know a guy who dropped one less than a foot onto his desk and it's dead.

After much comparisson, I picked the Samsung 256 MB Yepp 780V, it has a nice touch sensitive keypad (not like the little lipstick style players), FM with FM recording, Voice/memo recording, has an input to record from any headphone output (another CD player or MP3 player, DIRECT recording off the internet streaming audio video that even most computers don't allow, etc.) stores files, BATTERIES LAST NEARLY 20 HOURS!! Buy 4 high output NiHms for $40 and you're set for two years easily, SRS and Equalization is WAY better than other players WAAAAAAY better, it's louder, more spacious, excellent low end output etc.

The ONLY drawback was earbuds, which just plain suck no matter WHO makes them, I invested in some Senn's and it ROCKS!

It holds a good days outing worth of music, several full CD's plus some scattered songs.

At Christmas I was visiting family and as expected all the neices and nephews had various new MP3 players, so everyone was swapping them around and checking them out.

On Boxing day, my eldest neice returned her $400.00 i-Pod, bought a Samsung and got a DVD player and movies.

My nephew returned his $700.00 Nomad and got a Samsung and an X-Box with games.

WHAT is the hype over i-Pods?
Because you can invest more money and mae it a boom box?
Because it hooks up to your car like the MP3 player in the dash?

Because all the cool kids have one and it's just plain trendy?

One reply may be that you don't have to change/upload music as often. Well if an added $200.00, more money on battery replacement and less actual playtime and less durability outweigh spending less than 10 minutes adding a days tunes than I supposr it would be a fair investment....I SUPPOSE it would be...right?

I still don't get it! But as you said "cool and popular."

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With iPod you get iTunes.

by Garion11 In reply to I just don't get i-Pods

Pay $1.00 you can get a song (atleast I think thats how it works) and it will only work on an iPod until the day a converter or something comes out. I totally see your point...there are so many more MP3 players out there which are better than iPod (I looked at Dell and Samsung still deciding though), but I guess Apple was the first and it branded it very people stick with it (My neighbor's best friend's sister's husband has I gotta get one too mentality is what drives the iPod these days, lol).

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