Does BTO have a future in the Tablet market?

By chdchan ·
Can Build-To-Order or even self-assembled tablets be realized for product differentiation in future?

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Maybe one day

by Slayer_ In reply to Does BTO have a future in ...

It's hard to predict the future.

If we follow history though. Do it yourself skill levels tend to decrease with each generation, not increase.

How many people know how to fix a car in their garage? 2 generations ago, it was practically required of men to know how to fix their car.

Heck, how many in the newest generation know that blowing into a game cartridge fixes it? They have never even seen a game cartridge :)

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Nexus, Kindle, Nook

by TheChas In reply to Does BTO have a future in ...

The closest the tablet market has to build-to-order are the custom branded tablets like the Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle, and the B&N Nook. These are all built by third party manufactures to a specification.

The more common level of customization for tablets is the versions for the different cell phone service providers. While generally a common hardware configuration, the OS is highly customized for the specific provider.

I would not expect any level of assemble your own tablets. The parts are just too custom and make up a matched set of hardware. It is getting harder and harder to consider changing drives or RAM on laptops, and is impossible on most tablets.

The home built aspect of tablets is going to be rooted systems with customized versions of the Andriod or other OS.

If a major company decides to mass deploy tablets, they might pay for a highly customized and strictly locked down OS for their tablets.


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