does chromebook has in-built internet?

By Rashmishas3 ·
Samsung chromebook series 5 has 2 models mentioned
what is the difference b/w the 2?
and Does 3g model has wi-fi in built and does it have a sim card slot?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to does chromebook has in-bu ...

A computer or tablet that uses a WiFi connection requires a separate WiFi router to communicate with. That router must be connected to the Internet. The tablet communicates wirelessly with the router, which passes the communication on to the Internet. It's common for hotels, airports, and some libraries and restaurants to offer free WiFi connectivity. If you want to use WiFi at home, you'll need to install your own router to a cable or DSL Internet connection (or pay your Internet service provider to do it for you).

3G is type of cellular connection. It uses the same cellular network as smart phones, so it's subject to the same connection availability as cell phones. Obviously, that's a much wider range than WiFi, but you're going to be paying the cell phone company every month instead of the cable company.

Most 3G tablets are also WiFi capable, but I'm not familiar with Chromebooks. Check the specs for each model.

If you're just going to be using it around the house and already have an existing Internet cable or DSL service, go with the WiFi. If you're going to be moving around over miles and can't be subject to searching for a WiFi 'hot spot', go with the 3G. (You may even consider a 4G model if 4G cellular service is available in your area.)

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