does closing cmd window terminate the command running?

By InternJ ·
guys i need to know asap

i was running a del /f/s/q filepath in cmd window
to delete a file the fast way

i clicked enter before i could type in the folder name so now it was deleting the entire folder and not the sub folder i had to put

i panicked and just closed the cmd window
i need to know if this stopped the mass deletion

i also shut down the computer .... and disconnected myself from the drive i was accessing

please help

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Yes it should

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to does closing cmd window t ...

Though quite a lot could have been deleted before you shut it down.

So what happens when you restart the unit reattach to the external Drive what shows?

If it's Vital to recover the data you should pack up the drive and send it to a Data Recovery House. If that's all that has happened it should be relatively cheap and easy to recover what has been deleted.

Just remember the more you mess with the drive unsuccessfully the less likely you are to get a full recovery and the more expensive it's going to be when you give it to a Professional.

Though if you are really Paranoid you could plug the drive into another computer and look at what's left on it.


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deleting files safely

by pacav69 In reply to does closing cmd window t ...

Yes when the command window is closed then the operation will be terminated.

In the future i recommend that you use a program called unlocker that can safely delete unwanted files and directories

can be downloaded here:

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DIY data recovery

by Luke G. In reply to does closing cmd window t ...

There are also ways to recover your freshly deleted files on your own, but the key is to avoid using that drive (e.g., booting up Windows on it) in the meantime, as new files will begin to overlay the space used by your deleted files, serving to make them less recoverable.

Local computer consultants may also be able to help with this type of data recovery, as going to a traditional data recovery business can be quite cost-prohibitive.

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