Does different brands of RAM in a workstation make problem in its performan

By fxfarr ·
I just bought a HP 8710 mobile workstation with 2GB 667 200 pin DDR2 ram. I'm going to upgrade it to 4GB and at the moment just CORSAIR Valueselect is available in my region, which is of course have same specifications with genuine HP module. Does different brands make problem in WS performance or I am worry for nothing?

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If it's the same speed/voltage/type, no difference.

by robo_dev In reply to Does different brands of ...

So the short answer is, the brand makes no difference, provided that the product meets the specifications printed on the box.

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look at this

by fxfarr In reply to Does different brands of ...

I just found this: "If your system requires dual-channel memory, as some high-performance systems do, you must use two identical memory modules (same size, speed, and type)." at .
What do u think about this? Is he right?

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It is a laptop

by SKDTech In reply to look at this

So you have to buy the two SODIMMs which together equal the total RAM you want. So get a matched set, they don't have to be HP but it is better if both RAM sticks are the same brand, speed, and capacity.

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by butkus In reply to Does different brands of ...

XP 32 bit can only access 3 GB. Unless you get Vista 64 or XP 64.. .You will waste 1 Gb. But with 64 bit, you are limited to software and hardware with 64 bit code and drivers.
If the memory slots are different colors, then you need dual memory in the same color slots. Basically same type, speed and CAS.
So if you have 2 new chips (same type) then make sure the old memory is in the same color slots and the new memory in the other colors. The old memory could be in different colors since they match. Basically it the CAS (2, 2.5, 3)that is usually different. The lower the number the faster the memory but more money. So if the old memory is CAS 3 and you buy "high performance" chips with 2.5 or faster. They have to match the memory slot colors.

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There is one possible issue here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does different brands of ...

And that is the current configuration of the existing RAM. It is possible that 1 X 2 GIG RAM Stick is installed. If that is the case you are better off using 2 Identical Sticks of RAM in this NB to prevent Timing Issues from cropping up.

While Corsair is one of the better brands available the one currently installed in the NB may not be as good a quality and there may be Timing Issues introduced between the different RAM as they are slightly different in Specifications and Speed from the Manufacturing Tolerance.

In many systems this doesn't cause problems but it is possible to introduce Timing Issues with different Brands of RAM.

Corsair sell 4 GIG Kits which comprise of 2 X 2 GIG Matched RAM Sticks and one of these would most likely be cheaper then buying another 1 X 2 GIG Stick of RAM from HP which may not be from the same maker anyway. Even if it came from the same maker it would be from a different Manufacturing Batch so that could introduce Timing Issues as well.

To recoup some money you could always sell the currently installed RAM through places like E Bay to cut down the overall cost of the Corsair Kit. :)


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