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Does Disk Cleanup Wizard affect Outlook 2003?

By knowledgebased ·
A user reported a missing folder in Outlook 2003 (Win XP) during the same time frame she ran Disk Cleanup Wizard (during the same week).

The folder she lost was under her Inbox in her current Mailbox. If you check her Archived emails you will see the folder and its 'aged' contents. But it seems as though she has lost everything in that folder since her last archive date.

She may have deleted it but its not in her Deleted Items and I doubt she would have accidentally deleted it and then accidentally deleted it again from the Deleted Items folder. I checked all other folders and she didn't accidentally move/drag and drop it somewhere else.

Any idea where this could have gone? We have an Exchange server. Could maintenance on the server possibly removed this particular folder? She manually drags all emails from her boss into this folder so it is pretty important to her and used frequently.

I'm not sure where to go from here, but I need to recover this folder.

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A couple of thoughts.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Does Disk Cleanup Wizard ...

Does she have a filter on that's blocking those e-mails from appearing?

Do you see the e-mails if you click on the Deleted Items folder, then go to Tools, Recover Deleted Items?

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More thoughts...

by RechTepublic In reply to Does Disk Cleanup Wizard ...

No. Disk cleanup will not cleanup folders in Outlook. It is unlikely that one folder would be singled out during Exchange maintenance. It is far more likely it is user error.
Enable the Dumpster Always On registry entry to allow Recover Deleted Items from any folder and see if it can be recovered.
Maybe the folder was accidentally dragged into another folder.
You might be able to open the boss's sent folder, find all of the emails sent to her and use export/import to put them in her mailbox.
Last resort, recover it from backup. Easier if you are running brick-level backups but you can always restore and mount mail store to recover the emails.

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