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    Does Docker need Hyper-V?


    by alextraytech ·

    Docker Desktop on Windows 10 supports two backends: HyperV and WSL2. WSL2 in turn also uses Hyper-V — so without having Hyper-V enabled Docker Desktop fails to start and can’t be used.
    Am I right?

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      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Does Docker need Hyper-V?

      You proved it yourself. Sorry but are you wanting more about this? We could google that question but hey, you proved your assertion so I’ll just write yes.

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      Reply To: Does Docker need Hyper-V?

      by Johnharper2020 ·

      In reply to Does Docker need Hyper-V?

      On Linux, a container is not a virtual machine. It is a regular OS process in an environment bubble, so no virtualization is implied. Windows has to jump through hoops to run Docker containers (that are mostly Linux things) and one of the hoops is a small virtual machine.


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