Does doing a factory reset on a 2 day old computer slow it down?

I got a new computer a few days ago, It uses windows 10 and I set it up but I watched a video on setting it up after, the tech guy showed he used certain settings for privacy during the initial setup and I just clicked random settings not really knowing what I was doing. If I reset the computer and just start over could it slow it down at all? I know on a computer with alot of files resetting it would speed it up, but what about doing it on a brand new computer? Thanks
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Unless you took a lot of the Crap Ware that comes with a new system out

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does doing a factory rese ...

No it will make no difference.

If you removed a lot of the Crap Ware that it came with then yes by resetting it it will slow down till that unnecessary junk is removed.

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Why factory reset?

by ankitsingh213506 In reply to Does doing a factory rese ...

No, First there is no need for factory reset for new PC.

Second, if you are doing this then it won't affect your System

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Why are you resetting your PC?

by engineeringera In reply to Does doing a factory rese ...

Why does one need to reset their two-day old PC? Did you download a trojan/ malware/ spyware within the first two days of use? If so, then there is a good chance you might experience some post-reset blues.

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