Does having faster SD-cards matter?

By wompai ·
Ey guys,

I have this JVC Everio GZ-MS90 camera and a Sansa Fuze+ MP3 player with SD-card port. I currently use rank 4 SD-cards for both. Would I notice any speed or quality difference if I would use a card like the Sandisk Extreme Pro (rank 10)? I could imagine that the camera would become more responsive and the MP3 player showing slightly reduced loading times... Does it really have a noticable effect?

Thanks in advance.

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Personally I don't think you'll see much difference

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

The MP3 Player may be slightly faster in selecting files but that's about it and even then that only applies if the unit can actually make use of the faster RAM Speeds.

The Camera stores on the Card but holds it's images internally till they are written to the card so I very much doubt that there would be much difference there and again it all depends on if the camera can actually use the Faster RAM.

It's like a computer if the RAM is specified at 1,000 MHZ fitting 3,000 MHZ RAM isn't going to make it any faster. Just my 2 cents though.


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here's my real world experience . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

I have 2 16 GB SDHC cards
1 is class 4
1 is class 10

the class 4 card writes at 2MB /second
the class 10 card writes at 18MB /second

the class 10 card is supposed to be capable of 20MB /second

but the card reader's max. is 18MB /second

so the speed is device dependent as well as card dependent

the only speed help you may or may not notice in the camera
is you can take rapid consecutive shots closer together with a faster card than a slower one

if your camera only supports class 6 speeds then a class 10 will only operate at class 6 speeds

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by wompai In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

Thank you for the quick replies.

I am going to upgrade though, because I have a 1GB card in my camera now and that's not enough. I can get like 20 minutes of movie and it's full...

for the MP3 player: I think I'mgoing for a bit higher class card with that one because it sorts my files really slowly and I want to speed up that process however I can...

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by dogknees In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

It will affect your ability to record HD video. The data rate is too high for the older cards. So, it really depends on your usage and the camera's capabilities.

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Prosumer/Pro Cameras

by mperata In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

Cameras at this level can burst record images at 4-8 FPS. While the images are stored in the camera's buffer, a faster SD write rate will allow the buffer to flush faster.
There may be hardware requirements with the Nikon Dxxxx an Canon EOSxxxx for the faster SD write rates to match their burst modes.

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Device Design

by TheChas In reply to Does having faster SD-car ...

Well, as the user manual for the GZ-MS90 states to use class 4 or higher memory cards, you might see a slight improvement with a class 6. Beyond that, I would not expect to see any change in write speeds to the SD card.

Both the device and the memory card need to support the higher write speeds for a higher speed to make a difference.


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