Does IaaS renting already provides networked resources to clients?

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Does renting an IaaS provides users with networked resources or does client needs to orchestrate their own network protocol on IaaS, Can someone explain - What is it mean renting IaaS, and what are the limitations of renting an IaaS?
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Renting IaaS and its limitations

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Does IaaS renting already ...

Renting Infrastructure as a Service is the delivery of computer hardware like servers, networking technology, storage, and data center space, etc. as a service. The IaaS customers rent computing resources instead of buying and installing them in their own data centers. Its limitations maybe - you or your organization will have to look after the upgrade of software developed and the IaaS Cloud Provider may provide better security or inadequate security than your existing software.

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by shivacse14 In reply to Renting IaaS and its limi ...
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Recommended readings

by wombat-of-oz In reply to Does IaaS renting already ...

I would strongly recommend you to do some readings, this might shed some lights on some of your question
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Then post any specific question on areas that you don't understand.


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by shivacse14 In reply to Recommended readings
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IaaS renting

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to Does IaaS renting already ...

IaaS provides resources that are especially belonging to virtualized hardware which is also known as the computing infrastructure. The offerings in an IaaS environment include network connections, virtual server space, load balancers and IP addresses.

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by deborasumopayroll In reply to Does IaaS renting already ...

In an IaaS model, a cloud provider hosts the infrastructure components traditionally present in an on-premises data center, including servers, storage and networking hardware, as well as the virtualization or hypervisor layer.
ny cloud computing model requires the participation of a provider. The provider is often a third-party organization that specializes in selling IaaS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are examples of independent IaaS providers. A business might also opt to deploy a private cloud, becoming its own provider of infrastructure services.

IaaS pros and cons
Organizations choose IaaS because it is often easier, faster and more cost-efficient to operate a workload without having to buy, manage and support the underlying infrastructure. With IaaS, a business can simply rent or lease that infrastructure from another business.

IaaS is an effective model for workloads that are temporary, experimental or that change unexpectedly. For example, if a business is developing a new software product, it might be more cost-effective to host and test the application using an IaaS provider. Once the new software is tested and refined, the business can remove it from the IaaS environment for a more traditional, in-house deployment. Conversely, the business could commit that piece of software to a long-term IaaS deployment, where the costs of a long-term commitment may be less.

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