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Does more connectivity mean less security?

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Do you agree with Jonathan Yarden that enabling more and more devices with Internet connectivity increases security risks? Do you think some products are unnecessarily IP-enabled? Share your comments about the viability of enabling Internet accessibility in the majority of consumer produces, as discussed in the Feb. 9 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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Should we stop progress?

by smeeuwsen1 In reply to Does more connectivity me ...

Whilst I sympathize with Jonathan's arguments, I
don't think simply not connecting devices to the
Internet is the answer either. I do agree that
not every single consumer device needs to be
connected (at least not at this stage of
Internet development), there are currently very
limited benefits to connecting one's fridge to
the Internet to name one example. However, for
cellphones it does make a lot of sense to have
them connected. After all they are
communications devices and they are the one
piece of technology that most everyone carries
with them wherever they go. As such they're the
ideal device to enable convenient information
retrieval from the Internet through.
I will immediately admit that with today's
devices we're not quite there yet, however we're
starting to get there...
I do fully agree with Jonathan that security
needs to be an integral part of any Internet
device's design. It is simply irresponsible for
any vendor not to do so and consumers should
start to take an active role to hold vendors
accountable for bad security design. We the
consumers can always vote with our feet. That's
still a very powerful incentive for vendors to
change their ways...

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More connectivity

by Gabriella In reply to Does more connectivity me ...

I agree, it is more and more scary to communicate without protection against criminals, web, wireless products, phones etc, it will be hard to find out who did what to whom. We need more security. I believe in the future more and more companies will have their own security to protect themselves, their customers, their web sites, etc.. the world is getting smaller and smaller, one global place. Privacy and security will be a major problem for every one. That one opinion for today.. I probably will think of others next time. Thanks for your articles.

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Does more connectivity mean less security

by louisaso In reply to Does more connectivity me ...

Yes, I agree with the above statement, however the problem is not that more devices are enabled to connect to the Internet, the problem is the security that should have been addressed prior to any connectivity from any device. To survive in this virtual world without borders, suppliers need to ensure that security is at the top of their agendas and that the security is very user friendly and that it will not be a restictive in any way if they want to be successful.

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