Does Motherboard Need Replaced?

By dinkey ·
I've got an HP Touchscreen IQ500 Series IQ524 computer with Vista I'm working on. Was told that lightening may have hit it. When I can get it to turn on I cannot get any of the USB ports to work so it automatically boots into system start-up repair. It gets to a certain point maybe after 15-20 minutes the screen goes like a grey black and has lines running through it vertical and horizontal. As I said i cannot get any USB Keyboard or mouse to work in any of the ports so i cannot even get to the BIOS when I first turn it on. I'm thinking there may be damage to the main motherboard. I've tried resetting the CMOS and changing memory. Any Ideas?

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Replacement of the MoBo - Probably

by Sagax- In reply to Does Motherboard Need Rep ...

If you changed memory, then you should have noticed that everything is hard soldered to the MoBo except RAM and the Hard drive. There are very few people around who can un-solder a chip and re-solder a new one. Thus usually more costly than a new motherboard.

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by saurabh_2507 In reply to Does Motherboard Need Rep ...

it seems to be an issue with graphics card...
See if anyhow you can try out with another card...
I didnt get time to the pictures of motherboard so dont know whether you have slots to put another card...please let us know

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thank you

by dinkey In reply to Does Motherboard Need Rep ...

Thank you for help. I replaced the motherboard and all is working well

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