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Does one manage the DBMS of an ERP?

By intergrow ·
I am working, for the summer, for a large Corp.

They run SAP on an Oracle dB on NT servers. The problem is the duplicate customer data is input everytime a new order is filled. My job is 'cleaning' it.

I suggested tweaking the database to prevent the duplication, but that upset the IT guys. They 'explained' that the tables are NEVER to be touched because SAP told them not to, and ONLY to use the SAP interface.

I would have checked the help files but they are not installed, so I'll ask here . . .

1. Isn't the DBA or System administrator on an ERP supposed to tweak the database?

2. Can the tables be altered through SAP?

3. If the tables (there are thousands) are so complicated you never touch them what is thepoint of having a dba (Each plant has a dB and 1 - 4 dba's and sysops working on them).

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Does one manage the DBMS of an ERP?

by McKayTech In reply to Does one manage the DBMS ...

Your question is political rather than technical. Generally, a vendor of a high-end software product will strongly discourage "tweaking" by the customer because it makes the product very, very difficult to support. They are accountable for the performance of the product and if you break it, it's still their problem. The risk for your company is that SAP might decline to support a customized or altered product and in most cases, that risk far outweighs any benefit from the tweaking.

In these circumstances, the role of a DBA is to monitor the performance of the database, tune the hardware and OS as indicated, make sure backups are being accomplished properly and suggest changes to the software vendor for identified performance deficiencies (tuning inquiries, etc). But direct manipulation of the underlying tables is not, in my experience, part of the job description.


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Does one manage the DBMS of an ERP?

by intergrow In reply to Does one manage the DBMS ...

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