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Does "Out of Office" reply to messages in the Spam Folder

By tlong ·
My Users are pushing for us to enable "out of office" replies to the internet, even though we have advised against the numerous Spam/Security issues that arise from this feature.

We are using Exchange 2003 standard and Outlook XP. Can anyone tell me if the messages that go directly into a spam subfolder will bypass an Out of office reply? I know there's nothing you can do if the Spam makes it to the inbox just hoping to minimize the damage if possible.

Question 2: Do you know of any way to enable the "Out of Office" reply to internet email that is safer in regards to not getting an ton of spam after it's enabled?

Thanks for you time,

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by She Geek In reply to Does "Out of Office" repl ...

Out of Office applies only to the inbox. It does not reply to Junk Mail. It will however respond to messages moved by rules, since the message is delivered to the inbox and then the "rule" moves it.

I'm not sure I understand your 2nd question.

Hope that helps!

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by johnstreet In reply to

She Geek is incorrect. Microsoft Outlook's Out-of-Office replies to incoming messages, INCLUDING messages in your Spam folder. There is no fix for this, except not using OoO and monitoring your email remotely.

She Geek--you're wrong.

Hope that helps!

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by tlong In reply to Does "Out of Office" repl ...

Thanks very much. That confirms my thoughts on the spam/junk folder.

My 2nd question is basically asking if anyone has tips on how to minimize the impact of using the Out of Office reply to external email addresses.
Our Spam Filtering software is average, so we still get a fair amount of spam in the users inboxes?
thanks again

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by rkuhn In reply to Does "Out of Office" repl ...

Use a rule for internal addresses instead of an out of office reply which goes to all addresses.

* Note, if you use a rule this will be sent every time you receive a message vs an out of office reply is only sent once, per address.

1) In Outlook, click on Tools, Rules Wizard

2) Click New

3) Select Start from a Blank Rule

4) Select the option 'Check messages when they arrive' and click NEXT

5) Select the option 'where my name is in the To or Cc box'

6) In same window select 'from people or distribution list'

7) Click on the 'people or distribution list' and select the all employees (or whatever you have setup that includes all internal addresses)

Click OK Click NEXT

9) Select the option 'have server reply using a specific message'

10) Click on the link 'a specific message'. Fill in the appropriate info.

11) Click 'Save and Close' button

12) Click 'NEXT' Click 'NEXT'

13) Enter a name for the rule

14) Click 'Finish'

Now, of course, when an employee is out of the office they turn the rule on as opposed to turning on the out of office assistant.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Does "Out of Office" repl ...

instead of out of office, setup a rule to auto respond and add exceptions to it

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