Does Outlook 2016 automapping apply to a Mail Profile’s default mailbox?

By pdyason ·
Does Outlook 2016 Automapping apply to a Mail Profile’s (i.e. user’s) default Mailbox, or does Automapping only apply to additional Shared Mailboxes?
I am currently investigating an issue where many multiple (but not all) users are reporting that their mailbox does not receive new unread emails, and hangs when attempting to update. This behaviour has also been reported with Shared Mailboxes. As Shared Mailboxes are determined by Automapping and the user having Full Permissions to the Shared Mailbox, I am curious as to whether a user’s personal/default mailbox (as opposed to Shared Mailboxes) is also similarly determined by automapping or not? We are using Exchange on-prem with Outlook 2016. Any help or advice gratefully received! Thanks.
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Not an area I've dealt with in over a decade.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Does Outlook 2016 automap ...

But hey, let's try anyway.

I find to be interesting as Microsoft admits it can be problematic. Search for SCENARIO 2 and see what they say to try.

Remember I can't guess if something else is going on like issues with DNS, Security Suites or malware. I will write this since I've worked similar issues only to discover that a clean install with good networks worked fine but not on the client's computer. In the end, it wasn't an Outlook+Exchange issue at all.

Note: Keep an eye on for more ideas.

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