does shutting off your computer while in "my computer" do anything?

By zack247 ·
because i have somone annoying me trying to tell me that it does. he is trying to tell me that it will do something "not good" to my computer. i highly doubt this, because newer computers have a function that allows them to be immediatly shut down without loss of info, unless it wasn't saved. do they not?

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If you highly doubt this ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to does shutting off your co ...

Why don't you try it?

Then ask yourself why you want to do it in the first place.

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by alxcsby In reply to does shutting off your co ...

Nothin' different than any other program. I use a "killswitch" program every day regardless of what programs are open. Save your junk, shut'er off.
Now, if you're killing it cold (hold the power button, yank it from the wall) you might throw some problems. But just having open My Computer doesn't do a thing.

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by zack247 In reply to Nawp

this is exactly what i told them. they didn't beleive me, so i figured why not ask some it pros, cause of course they would know.

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Where did they get that idea?

by cmiller5400 In reply to exactly

I wonder... No harm unless a file is actually open and not saved when shutdown or powerloss. You can have programs open and it will be sent a kill signal when the shutdown is requested. It will prompt to save, etc for a while then the computer will then prompt to end task etc.

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by alxcsby In reply to Where did they get that i ...

Hence the line "Save your stuff, shut 'er off."
I'm assuming --my fault-- that anyone who knows how to turn a computer on and off knows better than to turn it off without saving in-process work.

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they got it from

by zack247 In reply to Where did they get that i ...

one of their friends he claims to be, in his own words, "smarter than those people on that site" just because he has worked with computers since he was "6". and if that was 12 years ago, the computers were easier to build, because they didn't have a whole lot of requirements back then. i have a mobo from 98 and i used it to build a computer literally in a day. then there were the new ones, where they use different ram, and they have much higher requirements. so in a sense, if i built a computer from scratch with one of these newer mobos, while he was still using those 94-99 ones, technically, i would be a little more skilled thaan he is.

but he did in fact claim you guys to be "not as smart", which proves jushow smart he is

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by cmiller5400 In reply to they got it from

I double dog dare him to post here and we WILL EAT HIM ALIVE ]:)

edit: Well, I've been working with them professionally for over 10 years, but have been working with computers for over 25+ years. Yes I started very young on the Apple IIe.

The challenge stands. If he is so smart, why not have him drop by and we can pick his brain to see if he REALLY is smarter than this community. I hate to think what other "advice" he has given unknowing users. I was tinkering with computers before he was even wearing diapers.

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Making fun of sperm isn't funny ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to HA!

Except in this case. :^0

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