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Does someone have a spyware on my comp

By cheyhobo ·
I have an ex who is comp exquisite, and I am not. yet after he left my home my online camera was on..normally it is shut and on the bottom of my page it rea keystroke 8 something like that. Can anyone help me I don't have a flippin clue! I have 2 children at home and I am helpless, I would at least like to know what he may be doing. Is he able to watch what I am doing and My children? I know..I know this is not Dr.Phil...Please help me. Thankyou kate

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by dryflies In reply to Does someone have a spywa ...

If your ex put a keyboard sniffer and surveylance on you without your permission he may be liable to be charged with a crime. so first, please contact your local police department. Record all of the programs that are running on your PC. set a system restore point by going to the help and support center on your start menu you can get instructions by typing "restore point" in the search window. as you install and run each of the following FREE programs, save their log files
Then download, install and run this program:
it is called spybot search and destroy. it will rid you of most spyware etc.
Next, download install and run this program:**0.html?part=69274&subj=dlpage&tag=button
it is called adaware SE personal edition. it does some of the same things spybot does but spybot catches some things adaware does not and adaware catches some things spybot does not.
Finally, go to
and download install and run their anti-spyware tool. It catches things the other two do not. Yes it is still in testing but I have had good luck with it. By this time you should know what is on your system. In some cases the police can track who is getting info from your machine so see the cops first! and remember document, document, document

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by dryflies In reply to


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by Ricky In reply to Does someone have a spywa ...

One more suggestion. And before I go further (I know this surely isn't the forum for it) - but let me post my strongest disgust for folk that use their IT skills to torment and stalk others. If there's anything I can ever do to help - I'll be more than happy...

Ok, the suggestion I have is to go to and download the ZoneAlarm Freeware Firewall. Download it and set it up on your home system. It's pretty easy to do - choose the lite version, that's free.

After it's set-up, read the simple-and-easy to understand documentation that comes (is installed) with it. Choose all the default settings, they're perfect.

It'll ask for a system restart - and once that's done -- It'll warn you if any program (yours or anyone else's) is ever trying to acess the Internet and it'll BLOCK all in-coming (to your system) requests, intenet traffic, etc.

Just click "Deny" if you didn't start that program yourself... That's it.

Will probably help in the long-run. I can imagine what you must feel, having to use the Net for most of your stuff and always having to worry about what could possibly be going-on without your knowledge...

Good Luck...

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by jguasch In reply to Does someone have a spywa ...

Simple and effective way?? re-install the OS and rebuild the system.

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by tantric1sedona In reply to Does someone have a spywa ...

Well if he is ANYTHING like my EX. I would not put anything past him. I thought that happened to me also. I always unplug my camera when I am not using it. Come to find out he had a spy cam in my bedroom in the fire detector. There is gadgets you can purchase that detects bugs and spyware. I have since ordered one my self but have not received yet. Good luck and Be strong. Dont let him have the last word. :-}

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