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Does TechRepublic Have An Opinion?

By dotxen ·
I want to know what you people at TechRepublic have to say on this very HOT topic??

My topic Ageism, in fact both my topics on ageism, have produced one of the highest and most stimulating responses from a massive number of TechRepublic Forum members. I am incredibly impressed by this, not to mention the hundreds of e-mails I have received.

BUT, we have not received any indication of what the TechRepublic folk think on this very important issue.

Why not? And what do the people who run TechRepublic think about the issue of ageism in IT.

I would expect some sort of response, after all TechRepublic makes it's living from IT and, to some extent, us forum members.


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It seemed overtly gimmicky

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Does TechRepublic Have An ...

To be honest, it seemed like an obvious attempt to start a controversial topic rather than address an issue, especially since you wanted people to think that you were a young IT worker.

Kind of like the very easy (and tiresome), Linux vs. Microsoft or Apple vs. Microsoft debates. Very easy to get people riled up; however, there is rarely any significant takeaway from it.

So I would prefer substantial or informative over "HOT" any day.

I normally wouldn't critique a thread; however, you asked.

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I didn't even pipe up

by Oz_Media In reply to It seemed overtly gimmick ...

I figured even I would refrain from that slinging match, you just get tired of it after a while.

But I think THIS topic puts me off even more. Kinda self indulgent, even for a guy like me. :)

Perhaps it was just all the closed ended comments in the first discussion that turned me off. Just an invitation to watch someone support a point.

As for it being a HUGE discussion, obviously the poster hasn't seen too many political discussions on TR. 650 posts isn't even a dent on this community.

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Neither did I - Except

by maxwell edison In reply to I didn't even pipe up

....for a slight joke or two. (Which went over the heads of many people)

And I'm with you; a big discussion isn't really big until it starts pushing 2000.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Neither did I - Except

I hadn't read any replies, just turned of by the stupid topic, sure is a brilliant deduction the original poster has reached. Make me wonder how big a bowl of Corn Flakes he'd eaten THAT morning in order to ponder such a topic and reach his conclusion.

But after a quick read through, I thought the one title "You're a F*cking idiot" was pretty funny. Someone who hasn't been around here long.

I think the same can be said to any of us at somepoint in time, and usually has in most cases, it was just a funny title to read from a frustrated peer.

As for your own comments, WHY would anyone in thier 30's WANT to know what it's like to be 50? We're too busy trying to be 18 again!

But seeing as most of my friends are in thier 50's or late 40's, fearing 50, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect...sweet f-all, just another year older and grumpier.

I'm gonna make a great old man, better have retired to my hermit cabin in the woods by then or THIS province is in for an earful!

Can't wait.

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Nothing to fear. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to LOL

I read somewhere that everyone, somewhere along their life, establishes a "mental age" that will stay with them until the day they die. (And it could be older or younger than they really are.) Sure, the body gets a little, shall I say, less flexible, and it develops a few more creaks along the ol' hinges, but the mind stays at that person's "mental age". I've never seen any test to determine what one's mental age might be, but I believe mine is around 32, even though my body is 20 years older.

My mom, for example, never left her early twenties. She was born at the dawn of the Roaring 20s (in 1**9), and I remember as teenagers we would marvel at this late-forties woman doing the Charleston in the living room. (Do you know the Charleston?) And even though she's 85 today, I still see that 25 year old in her eyes and in her demeanor, even though her body can't do the Charleston any longer. (But she would, if she could.)

So there ya' go. I don't really care how old I am or get, I'll always be about 32 in my mind.

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The Charleston

by Oz_Media In reply to Nothing to fear. . . .

Yes I know it VERY well. When I was much younger, my mum was a ballroom dance instructor, and a kid from the war, so I was tossed around in the studio for years.

My DAD was a Teddy Boy (velvet lapels and all), my brother and sister are 10 years older than me and I was just a kid growing up un the wrong era.

But I know MOST ballroom dances, some tap, and have been in musical stage productions most of my life, singing and dancing like ther's no tomorrow. God I am glad I out grew THAT, as you say bones get brittle and injuries don't seem to heal the same anymore (even at my young age).

But it sure is cool when you are at a wedding or something where you can ballroom dance, talk about an easy pick up, for some reason the most laughed at form of dancing is also the biggest babe magnet. Even Carlos Santana brought some Salsa dancing back to the club scene, again talk about an easy pick up!

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What?? You're going to a family reunion looking to score???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to The Charleston

:^O ROTFLMAO And here I thought you were one of those laid back left coasters into whale watching and tree hugging with an occasional shot at the ponies. Go figure. Turns out you've been a closet West Virginian, all this time.

Dawg ]:)

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DIdn't say family reunion

by Oz_Media In reply to The Charleston

And who said it was a family wedding? Buy hey, incest is best if you keep it in the family.

You know exactly what I mean though, you cheeky old man, all those dull boring formalities before parties least I can cut a rug.

I am into the whale watching (hard to miss really) and respecting/doing my part to protect the environment, but I'm not about to chain myself to a tree in front of a bunch of loggers with today's equipment. Those guys go through a forest SO fast, it's really impressive to watch them earn a living, and the 'scars' are reduced a great deal these days by heavier regulations. I wouldn't protest and put a friend out of business, but I'd like to see a reduction in export volume though, enough's enough.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Nothing to fear. . . .

'Mental age', brought up many articles on mental retardation, but also this description of of how mental age and chronological age make up the Inteligence Quotient.

I read it in a psychebook a long time ago but followed the path of studying criminal psychology instead.

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Mental Age in My Context

by maxwell edison In reply to P.S.

Mental Age, in my context, has nothing to do with mental development, as is the case with the I.Q reference. (But that was a great link, by the way.)

It' more as how one views life. Some people are old fogies well before their time, while others are more like giddy teenagers forever.

Maybe hard to explain, and I probably used the wrong term.

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