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Does the IT field have an artificial ceiling?

By britontn ·
I've been noting over the years that most IT professionals have been moving to other fields and to an extent throwing away their years of expertise in order to advance up their career ladders. I know of a number of personal contacts who have moved to fields like finance and Humans Resources.
Is it agreed that no Tech Pro can ever land the post of either CEO, Director, Managing Director or Vice Chancellor or such other posts unless that individual starts his/her own company? Despite the fact that when we train for our field of expertise we learn all apsects of business including Finance and even Business communication.
And what is the remedy to this if any(i.e besides starting your own company)

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Depends on the definition of 'ceiling'

by Black Panther In reply to Does the IT field have an ...

What is your ceiling??


**Is it how you are seen by others or how you see yourself**

Job Satisfaction?

**Are you willing to something you don't enjoy**


**Does more money mean you are up the ladder further-- I know plumbers who make more money than Managing Directors**

**Remember the higher you go usually the more stress, responsibility and more working hours are required- the higher up you go the further you have to fall**

**We spend our health making money then we spend our money to restore our health**

**Aim high in your career but stay humble in your heart**

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by britontn In reply to Depends on the definition ...

YOu could be right for the best part of your comment. But hey who doesn't want to go up there. Remember Robb's comment about ageism?
To boils down to that. There is an age where you are not attractive on the job market and it is best if you are somewhere up there by the time you get to that age.
I believe in doing what I enjoy. But I also feel there should be rewards beyond your concience and heart. Whats wrong with reaping rewards for your effort. Everybody works for money.

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by Black Panther In reply to Hmm

Yes true --- what are the Rewards you are after?

Material posession, personal fullfillment?

**The rich dying man on the deathbed does not remember how many posessions he has but how many people loved him** :)

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Not everybody...

by Black Panther In reply to Hmm

Some actually work for charities and Care organistations...

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Earn a living

by JasonS In reply to Not everybody...

This may be true but unless one is earning a living then one is no longer working for charities but a recipient of one.

Everyone's idea of a fair earning is different, I would rather push myself to a level that I feel comfortable with to earn a little more to enable me to do those things that fufill me spiritualy.

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to all the idiots out there...

by thebarrywilliamsshow In reply to Earn a living

okay dunb a$$'es ....

two things;

#1 - the guy making the most money usually is *NOT* the guy working the hardest!!!

#2 - the guy that is making that huge a$$ kick a$$ big load of cash that you are after is *NOT* doing it honestly! i am not saying he/she is dealing drugs or killing people -- but he is probably pi$$ing people off, back stabbing people, and all other kinds of goodies... so i guess my point is...

do you really want to spend the best years of your life pi$$ing on people and backsatbbing people so you can make more money?

note: point #1 and #2 do *NOT* include people that went to college for 10 years and have a PhD, have a good job and good pay. they got that because they got a good education are smarter than you and deserve it.

good luck...

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Can we generalise any more

by JasonS In reply to to all the idiots out the ...

I feel sad for were you have worked. Sure there are unethical people in all areas of employment and believe me they are not all in higher management.

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Odd Ceiling....

by rdubrey In reply to Can we generalise any mor ...

One thing that I have noticed over the years in my career is that people are often intimidated by IT people and more importantly IT people frequently don't navigate the political waters as well as others.

The main reason for the is the IT people are among some of the busiest people in a company, depending on the company putting out fires here and there and meeting impossible deadlines for rollouts, etc etc.

I think that to succeed in the workplace you have to walk a fine line of exhibiting knowledge and working the politics to your advantage.

Use your knowledge effectively but always try to make your boss look good instead of trying to impress on everyone that YOU are the expert of all things IT. If you make your boss look good he will either stab you in the back with it or recommend you for his slot when he moves on or move you up the ladder accordingly.

If you have a crappy boss that stabs you then you have to move on or wait til he either dies or he moves on.....

Serve your CIOs and CEOs well and make them look like masters of the universe and you will succeed and move up either in the company and if you don't move up you will at least command the money that you deserve for such work.

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don't feel sad....

i worked 14 hours days while execs with "soft skills" up the kazoo worked 4 hour days -- got paid 3 times as much as me -- wrote off 10 times more stuff than me --- paid 5 times less taxes than me -- ran the company into the ground -- and still managed to find another exec job where they got double what their last salary was.

yeah. the world is an unfair place. we have been waiting for you and your high moral ground to come in and make it better. make sure you visit the poor ba$tards dropping like flies in africa. they probably need your help more than us geeky IT guys sitting behind our computers in our underwear.

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what a pi$$ing good answer!!!

by thierry In reply to to all the idiots out the ...

I still lol of it ! please again...

an admiror.

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